People are making bread in their slow cookers using just two ingredients – including beer

PEOPLE are making loaves of bread in their slow cookers – and you only need two ingredients. 

A bloke has shared his simple recipe to whip up some bread at home, using just flour and beer. 

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He uploaded his step-by-step method on Facebook group UK Slow Cooker recipes, tried and tested!, posting snaps of the finished product. 

The man wrote: “Put three cups of flour in a bowl and slowly pour in the beer mixing as you go.

“Line the slow cooker with foil or baking paper. 

“Tip the dough into the slow cooker and put on high for 2.5 hours. 

“If you want a bit of extra colour on top and crust, stick it in the oven or under the grill for a couple of minutes.”

For anyone wanting to copy the recipe exactly, the bloke added he just "grabbed a mug" and didn't use precise measurements.

He even added  a snap of his dinner, showing buttered slices of the bread alongside a stew. 

Two-ingredient bread recipe

  • 3 Cups of self raising flour
  • One can of beer (any Beer)

He recommended: “Tastes great with butter, cheese, soup or dips.”

You can use any drink brand you like, and the booze won't necessarily overpower the bread.

The bloke added the taste depends on: “How strong a flavour beer you use, you can't taste the larger but you can an Ale.”

Dozens of people have liked his post online, thanking him for sharing the easy recipe. 

One person commented: “I will try this.”

Another wrote: “Looks yummy.”

A third added: “Will give it a go thanks for sharing.”

While this person said: “This was a great share. Thanks.” 

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