People left emotional at ‘very British’ note neighbour sent man over his flashing Christmas lights

CHRISTMAS lights can be pretty to look at, but there are some displays that could get annoying if they are left on 24/7.

A man has revealed the “very British” complaint note he received for his festive decorations – and people have been left impressed at the wording.

The note was shared on Reddit by a man who wrote: “My brother in law received a very British Christmas complaint!”

He showed how the letter was sent with a timer so he could control the hours that the lights were on at night.

The note said: “Dear Mr. You will probably think this a rather unusual note, but please accept it in the good faith that is meant.

“The enclosure is really a Christmas present – if not to yourself and your partner, then to my wife and myself!

“We are not sleeping well just now, as the flashing festive lights wake us through the night and trigger my Ménière's problems.

“Could you possibly use the timer, if you really don't need them on all night? I have taken the liberty of setting it to switch between about 8:30 am and 11:00 pm.

“Just set the pointer on the dial to the actual time when plugging it into the mains socket. With thanks and kind wishes.”

Ménière’s disease is a chronic and progressive condition which affects balance and hearing.

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The polite request to limit the lights left people emotional, with one saying: “Seeing this s**t makes me proud to be a Brit! Love it!”

Another added: “Polite and reasonable, I like it. Added bonus, electricity costs a f****** bomb at the moment.”

Another added: “The thought and the effort that has gone into this shows just how real and genuine it is.

“I hope your brother does not see it as a complaint in the slightest, it's someone genuinely and very considerately asking for a favour from him.”

However, one questioned the gesture and said: "Christmas lights are supposed to be on at night?

"What's the point of turning them on during the day?"

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