People think this TikTok hack makes stairs look like something from a fancy hotel & all you need is a bargain Amazon buy – The Sun

EVER been to a fancy hotel and wondered how to bring a slice of luxury home with you?

A clever hack shared online shows how to add your own DIY lights to your stairs instantly, and all it takes is a nifty Amazon product.

In a clip posted to TikTok, a savvy DIY fan shows how to create hotel-worthy light up stairs at home using clever remote controlled stick-on lights.

The TikTok user, who runs the account @OurHanburyHome21, placed the stick-on lights at an even distance on the stairs.

The lights used in the clip came from Amazon and cost £16, plus the cost of batteries.

But you can also find similar lights sold at Ikea and Primark.

Once batteries were added to the lights, all the DIY fan needed to do was click a button on the remote.

People are loving the video, which has now racked up an impressive 11,300 likes and 82 comments.

One woman gushed: "They look lovely."

Another added: "Wow, thank you!"

A third says: "Looks like a hotel – nice!"

The clever lighting hack is just one of dozens of handy hacks shared on TikTok recently.

As we told you previously, a bloke demonstrated how to remove an ugly red stain from the carpet in seconds by using an iron.

And a mum showed how she stops kids ‘eating cupboards dry’ by using snack baskets that encourage them to pace themselves throughout the day.


For more amazing life hacks, one mum shared her cleaning method to get filthy curtains sparkling white using a £3 Wilko product & it required NO work.

Elsewhere, a cleaning-obsessed bloke shared his massive schedule including mowing TWICE a week and people are knackered just looking at it.

Meanwhile this thrifty mum updates her bland bathroom for just £15 using Poundland’s stick-on tiles.


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