Queen Camilla may ditch ‘flamboyant’ style ‘in line with new role’

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Royal and fashion expert Miranda Holder told Express.co.uk that the Queen Consort’s style may change now she is monarch. She explained Camilla “has always had a relaxed approach to dressing and like her husband, she frequently rewears old favourites”.

The Queen Consort likes to express “her flamboyant personality through her clothing, in particular, her statement hats and headpieces which also balance out her frame”.

However, now that she is Queen, Camilla’s outfits “will take on a new level of sophistication in line with the increased significance of her role,” Miranda claimed. She added: “Every nuance will be thoroughly scrutinised, but the Palace and its team of dressers will be ready for it.”

Therefore, Camilla may ditch the more flamboyant and extravagant pieces she owns and replace them with more sophisticated, classic and conservative choices in line with her new role.

Since becoming Queen, she has only opted for very classic ensembles, rewearing her classics and choosing monochrome outfits which channel Queen Elizabeth’s iconic style.

Similarly, King Charles, who was reportedly nicknamed the “pampered Prince” by his staff, may have to change his style as he adjusts to his new role.

Miranda explained the King is fond of “natty accessories such as tie pins and pocket handkerchiefs”. However, he will “quietly be changing the way the monarchy runs, creating a more streamlined, contemporary institution and these differences will extend to his wardrobe too”.

Charles “will remain unapologetically himself and dress for pleasure, setting an example of using fashion to feel good,” she added.

According to another expert, Camilla has already made some beauty changes, including her hairstyle. For decades, Camilla stayed true to her iconic shoulder-length bob but she recently switched her hairstyle to a shorter and blonder “angled bob”.

This change, according to Paz Torralba, a beauty specialist at the head of The Beauty Conceptare, is key to keeping a Queen-appropriate style.

The beauty expert explained: “Camilla has always had very classic and conservative hair, but at the same time she has managed to make it timeless, which is very practical for a woman with a very busy schedule.

“With her last retouch of her bob, she has taken years off and her fun attitude has been enhanced because this cut rejuvenates and it looks good on everyone. In other words, it enhances the best of the face and is easy to maintain.”

The expert continued: “The case of Camilla is a true reflection that beauty is a matter of attitude. She has learnt how to make her way of seeing life, positive and relaxed, her most attractive attribute.

“She is a distinguished woman, but very calm when socialising I think that makes her someone who does not go unnoticed, although she does not want to attract attention,” Paz added.

Camilla has also made changes to her make-up, the beauty expert claimed, as she replaced the red lipstick with a subtle gloss pink and she recently started using loose powder and a layer of mascara to highlight the look.

Paz claimed: “Camilla does not stand out for having good skin, although it is true that – perhaps with the help of makeup – she always looks very fresh and bright.

“She has very marked wrinkles that would be very easy to reduce with a touch-up without losing her identity, because if Camilla had cosmetic surgery it would be something so striking that it would completely change her expression.”

The beauty expert highlighted “the importance of preventing little by little and going in harmony with the years to avoid making major changes at a very adult age”.

Other royals, such as Kate, Princess of Wales, may have to make adjustments to their wardrobes too. Miranda said “it is likely that we will see her wardrobe become more formal and appropriate for her position”.

The expert explained that “the more flirtatious fancier accessories such as hatbands will be fully phased out for more imposing hats”. Similarly, the floaty feminine fabrics “and prints such as polka dots” will gradually give away to “more immaculately cut tailoring in Kate’s signature fit and flare style which complements her graceful figure perfectly”.

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