Queen Camilla won’t ‘upstage’ Charles but Princess Kate always looks ‘striking’

Queen Camilla and Kate, Princess of Wales are rarely seen wearing the same styles and are almost polar opposites when it comes to their wardrobes.

Where 41-year-old Kate reaches for a smart blazer and trouser co-ords, the 76-year-old Queen Consort opts for a flattering a-line dress in her signature shirt-silhouette.

Of course, their age, body shapes and colour palettes are partly responsible for their opposing fashion sense, but royal style experts have claimed that it also signifies something deeper.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Leroy Dawkins, celebrity stylist and royal expert claimed that the shades of Camilla and Kate’s clothes in particular are indicative of their differing roles in the monarchy.

He said: “Queen Camilla has a love of the colour blue, whether day wear or black tie, she never seems to stray away from blue.

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“Like royal women before, her style is under a microscope ever since her marriage to the then prince of Wales she has been slowly upping her fashion, and in recent times she tends to stick to only certain colours.

“Royal, women have always used clothing to send out subtle messages with a meaning behind them, and Queen Camilla is no exception.”

The exact shade of blue often worn by Camilla is symbolic of stability, wisdom and serenity, according to Leroy, all of which are in keeping with the notion that the Queen Consort and King Charles exist as a unit that leads the Royal Family.

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The royal style expert added: “Queen Camilla’s role also impacts the colour she wears as she does not want to wear a colour that could possibly overshadow the King, so she plays a supporting role almost to stay in the background.”

He continued that even when the Queen does move away from royal blue, she wears white or cream, as seen at the Coronation.

These neutral shades signify new beginnings and peace, which are very fitting with the personal journey she has embarked on since marrying Charles.

Susie Nelson, founder of Modes and More Vintage agreed that Camilla is careful not to steal the limelight from the King, unlike Kate who has a different stance in the monarchy.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Susie opined: “Camilla doesn’t want to upstage King Charles and will be aware of how much he reportedly hated being upstaged by Diana. Muted tones suit her, though she is frequently spotted in royal blue.

“On the other hand, Kate realises that she needs to be noticed. Bright block colours are a way of doing this, and the striking colours are a great contrast to her dark hair.

“It could be said that she took this look/approach from the late Queen, and they could be seen as a rehearsal for her role as the future Queen.”

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