This is the reason why Meghan Markle has changed her hair parting since becoming a royal

The former Suits actress, 36, used to wear her hair in a messier wavy style with a side parting, but since becoming a royal she's switched to a middle parting.

Fabulous spoke to beauty editor Chloe Burcham to find out why. She said: “I think Meghan’s parting swap from side to middle is all part of her transition from an actress to a member of the Royal Family.

"Before she used to have a casual dress sense and the messier side fringe and parting used to suit her look.

"But now she’s a Duchess, she’s changed her outfits opting for Prada and Gucci and this means she’s had to change her hair to compliment the new look.

"The sleeker straight middle parting makes her look instantly polished, shows off her gorgeous face shape and adds to the perfect appearance she needs to adhere to since representing the royal family – it's all part of the Duchess package."

We also spoke to make-up artist Olivia Todd to find out what she thinks of the new 'do. She said: “A centre parting draws more attention to your facial features, it makes your eyes, lips and brows look fuller and emphasises your cheek bones.

"This hairstyle really frames the face and creates a more sophisticated, classic look which suits Meghan Markle and her new role as Duchess of Sussex perfectly.

"The key to this look is to ensure the line is perfectly straight and central to create that gorgeous symmetry."

We don't know about you but we'll be trying out the perfect centre parting if it means we can channel the gorgeous Meghan Markle.

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