Remember Mean Girls hunk Aaron Samuels? Here’s what actor Jonathan Bennett looks like now (Spoiler alert: he’s still fit)

That and some of the film's seriously cracking quotes.

And although 14 years may have passed since Jonathan caught our attention as Lindsay Lohan's mathematically-challenged love interest, the American actor is still one our ultimate celebrity crushes… even more so with his hair pushed back.

Following Mean Girls' enormous success raking in over £100m at the box office, Jonathan moved into television presenting.

Winning himself a new legion of fans as the host of reality baking competition (sound familiar?) Cake Wars, Mean Girls fans will be thrilled to know that Jonathan is still a total teen rom-com heartthrob.

Because you know, some things just never change.

What's more, the 37-year-old television star has now released his own Mean Girls-inspired COOKBOOK featuring a whole host of pink, Plastic-approved recipes.

Yes, he's even included a guide to make "Toaster Doodles" which as Mean Girls fans will know sounds suspiciously like Gretchen Winer's family recipe.

Naturally, Jonathan has launched his cookbook on Mean Girls Day, which for those of you who can't recite every line of the film, is the monumental day Aaron asked Cady the date in Calculus class.

Making full use of some of the film's most iconic quotes, there's even a recipe called "I'm Sorry People Are So Jealous of my Perfect Pink Taco".

And we're willing to put money on there being a "Glen Coco"-inspired recipe in there somewhere.

BRB just off to make every pink recipe from Jonathan's cookbook and ogle over our favourite noughties actor some more…

In even more Mean Girls news, the iconic noughties film is being screened in cinemas across the UK today for a VERY good reason.

And celebrate Mean Girls with 20 of the film's most "fetch" memes.

Plus you can now channel your inner-Regina George with this retro £9 Mean Girls mug.

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