Rich Kids, Skint Holiday lad, 22, who has never unpacked his own suitcase joins family on budget caravan holiday – and discovers his £10k watch is equivalent to eight months of their income – The Sun

A STUDENT who has never had a job and lives off his dad’s handouts had joined a family struggling to make ends meet on their budget caravan holiday on Rich Kids, Skint Holiday.

Student and wannabe rock star Jordan, 22, who appears on the 5Star programme tonight, has grown up wanting for nothing treated to an endless stream of five-star getaways.

With his rent paid for and an added monthly allowance of £1,000, Jordan has a loose grip on the idea of budgeting.

Speaking on the show he says: “I really think money is just an economic tool in the grand scheme of things, so it doesn’t really register as a big thing to me, it just exists.

“Money doesn’t mean s*** to me. I’ve just had it all my life.”

Among his designer clobber is a watch that retails for a whopping £10,000 – the equivalent of eight months’ income for the Spink family who have invited Jordan to join them on their holidays.

The Bradford-based family is made up of bread-winner Darryl who earns £90 a day working as a kitchen manager.

His wife Becky was forced to give up work when their daughter Erin, 12, was diagnosed with a debilitating bone infection, while 15-year-old Harrison helps his dad out at the pub.

With just £50 a month left over, the family has to scrimp and save in order to afford their annual caravanning holiday in Bridlington.

Becky explains: “We’re very aware that we have to put money away each month in order to be able to do the holiday.

“To us just being on holiday all four of us is definitely a luxury.”

This is a stark comparison to Jordan whose dad budgets around £5,000 for each family member on holiday – not including spending money.

But he exchanges a luxury liner for a four hour train journey from his home in London to Bridlington to join the family.

And from the moment he arrives it’s clear Jordan is unimpressed.

I don’t ever pay, I just let the old man figure it out, and swipe his card

He says: “It may just be the weather but it’s kind of gloomy, it’s not usually cold when I go for my seaside holidays.

“Normally when I arrive on holiday we either get a taxi or a chauffeur picks us up.”

But Jordan must settle for the Spinks’ borrowed compact car, to travel to site that has played host to Becky’s holidays for 35 years.

But despite living very different existences, Jordan is confident he will get on with the family.

He says: “I’ve had to deal with people of various backgrounds because I grew up with chauffeurs and help around the house as well.

“I’ve obviously had to make an effort to maintain relationships with them and speak to them.”

Arriving at the caravan, Jordan leaves unloading the car to Darryl and the kids while he attempts to unpack a suitcase for the first time.

Exploring his room he says: “The yacht that I sometimes use has smaller bedrooms, so size is definitely not an issue.

“I’ve never seen people fold trousers, they always do it when I’m away. And they’re always ready for me when I come back.”

And this is not the only uncharted territory Jordan is stepping into, when Becky asks him to help her prep the spuds for dinner.

“I’ve never peeled a potato” he tells Becky “What do you call it? A potato peeler?”

The corned beef hash, which cost £4 for the five of them, made a change from Jordan’s £60 meals.

“I don’t ever pay, I just let the old man figure it out, and swipe his card” he told Becky.

The mum-of-two was shocked to learn that he had never had a job, and is just given a £1,000 a month to spend as he wishes.

She says: “£250 disposable income a week, that’s obscene.

“To save up £250 disposable income would take nearly half a year and that would be without any emergencies or luxuries.

“To get to 22 and never had earned a penny for yourself is not normal where we come from.”

And it seems that the discussion has had a profound impact on Jordan.

He says: “It’s just hard to imagine that I own a watch that is worth several months of their income.

“I can’t really fathom how a family would get by on the budget that they’re on.”

The next day, without a staff wake up call, Jordan enjoys a hearty breakfast of bacon butties and beans at a total cost of £5 for the family.

Jordan remarks: “I don’t find it unusual to have breakfast for something like £18 for a full English at somewhere like the Wolseley.”

Flabbergasted Becky says: “That’s practically a day’s food budget for us four.”

Dressed in his £250 Chelsea boots, Jordan joins the family on the beach for a picnic lunch and some rock climbing – where he dons wellies for the first time in his life.

Harrison tells him: “We don’t get to spend a lot of time together at home so it’s really nice to come down and do this together.”

Darryl adds: “To get out here has been a total struggle but it’s what I call a necessary luxury that I spend time with my son, with my daughter, with my wife.”

The family bond hits home for Jordan who admits that he doesn’t share that experience.

He says: “It’s almost like his (dad) funding is his show of love, and he doesn’t really know how to express these things verbally.

That was one of the highlights of my entire life and it happened on this holiday on a budget

“It just shows that my dad trying to organise all these families, could be him trying to show his affections no matter how different to the way Harrison and Darryl do things.”

With £25 of the family’s budget left for the day, Becky wants to challenge Jordan to provide the family’s entertainment for the afternoon – as well as their evening meal.

Eyeing up an aquarium ticket at £19 he says: “I could go and they could take a nap, that’s not going to happen.”

He eventually settles on a family ticket to the Birds of Prey and Animal Park, costing £20 where the Spinks delight in Meerkat feeding.

Jordan adds: “That was one of the highlights of my entire life and it happened on this holiday on a budget.”

He is then faced with the challenge of cooking dinner, but relying on their love of corned beef produces fried rice for just £4.74.

After dinner he treats the family to a song on his £3,000 guitar, before admitting how much he has learned.

“It’s nice to have dinner around the table having quality time with the people you care for” he tells them.

“The fact that the holiday is ultimately to spend time with family, really hit it home.”

And Becky is keen to encourage his newfound family values.

She says: “Things weren’t always this hard. But Erin got taken poorly and I obviously had to leave my job to look after Erin which dramatically reduced our family income by half.

“It has been tough. I don’t think a family’s happiness can be measured by money. I think we’re probably closer now than we ever were before because we appreciate that time together.”

The final day of the holiday sees the Spinks a joy a trip to the fair before being treated to a speed boat ride as a thank you gift from Jordan – something they could never afford.

Despite Erin deciding to sit it out, Harrison is keen to thank Jordan.

And Darryl added: “Words, can’t explain it, it was just too good.”

While Jordan admits he is unlikely to venture back to Bridlington, he is keen to tell the Spinks just how much he has gained from the experience.

He says: “I think what I’ve taken away from this weekend is it’s not how much money you spend. It’s how much time you spend and who you spend that time with.

“I’ve grown to respect your family more than I respect many rich families. Those who have love are eventually richer than those who have money.”

Waving him off Becky adds: “I think that the guy we’re dropping off today at the train station is a different guy.”

Following the programme, Jordan has remained in contact with the Spinks and has made a trip home to Indonesia to spend more quality time with his dad.

Rich Kids, Skint Holidays, airs tonight at 9pm, on 5Star.

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