Rihanna’s Lingerie Line Is Flying Off The Virtual Shelves & No One Is Even Surprised

When Rihanna touches something, it turns into a bestseller. It happened with clothing, shoes, and makeup. Naturally, Rihanna’s Savage X lingerie is flying off the virtual shelves too. Less than 24 hours and a three-hour waitlist later and the collection is already selling out. Because the line is so inclusive, people are flocking to it, which means you should probably get you wallet ready before it’s too late.

There was never any question whether or not people would love Rihanna’s Savage X lingerie line. The real question was how long would it hang around. For some of the larger sizes on the website, the answer is 12 hours. While not everything on the website is gone, all of the larger sizing is

As Elle found, some people waited in a three-hour long virtual lines just to get on the website at midnight. Why? Because when Rihanna does something, she does not disappoint. From the sizing, which ranges from 32A to 44DD in bras and extra-small to 3X in underwear, to the models, who are incredibly diverse, there’s a million reasons to love this brand.

As of May 11, most of the larger sizing in bras and underwear are selling the fastest. Plus sizes in lingerie are for the majority still in available. Not everything is sold out, but I would not wait too much longer to shop.

Not everything is gone on the website just yet. That’s the beauty of having so many styles. Head over to the website now to claim your Fenty while you still can.

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