Rihanna’s New Lingerie Line Will Have More Than 90 Items – And Here’s When To Get It

As if creating a beauty line, shoes, and an everyday clothing line wasn’t already enough, this singer wants to dress you for the bedroom too. Rihanna’s Savage X lingerie line is almost here, and it is well worth the wait. There’s 90 different items to choose from, many of which were already shown on Instagram. Here’s everything you need to know about the launch, so you don’t miss anything.

Let’s get right to it. Rihanna’s Savage X lingerie line will be available on May 11 at midnight EST. As soon as the day arrives, you’ll be able to snag as many of the 90 items as you can get your hands on.

According to the brand, the collection of teddies, underwear, and bras will only be available on the Savage X website. You can head to the website now to get an email as soon as the website goes live. Or, you know, you can just set your own alarms.

Plenty of the items have already been shown on Instagram, if the idea of Rihanna creating a lingerie line isn’t already enough to peak your curiosity. The 90 items available in the first drop — yes, really — includes everything from a mesh catsuit and bustiers to traditional bras and underwear.

According to the Savage X Instagram page, the "x" in the brand name stands for all. Just like Fenty Beauty, Rihanna aimed for her brand to be inclusive. Bras start at 22A and go to 44DD, while underwear ranges from extra-small to 3X. On top of that, there’s a ton of different styles up for grabs as well.

“Women should be wearing lingerie for their damn selves,” Rihanna told Vogue. “I can only hope to encourage confidence and strength by showing lingerie in another light. You don’t have to stick to one personality with lingerie; it’s fun to play around. You can be cute and playful one week and a black widow next week. You can take risks with lingerie. I want people to wear Savage x Fenty and think, I’m a bad bitch. I want women to own their beauty.”

The range on the collection is incredible. There’s actually collections inside the collection, so you can sop your own personal style. According to Vogue, On the Reg include t-shirt bras and everyday underwear, while The U Cute is filled with a little bit more lace. Then there’s the Black Widow collection that really ups the sexy factor.

The price is also super affordable, just in case you needed another reason to be excited about the collection. According to Vogue, Bras will be sold from $39 to $59, t-shirt bras come in from $29 to $34, and underwear from $14.50 to $29. The other accessories and clothing items come in at $69 to $99. That’s every single item for under $100, my friends.

"Savage is really about taking complete ownership of how you feel and the choices you make," Rihanna says on Instagram.

Anyone can take their own personal style and put it into a brand. Rihanna managed to take a handful of personalities and have them all about to shop from the same place. It’s incredible, really.

Mark your calendar and set your alarms for midnight, because this is one collection that you’re not going to want to miss. There might be 90 different items available, but that doesn’t mean that the collection won’t fly off the virtual shelves. Because all of these items are only available online, there’s no telling when they’ll restock. Bustle reached out to the brand to see which items are permanent to the collection, but you’re better off just not waiting around.

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