Royal Wedding: 12 Best-Dressed Guests And 12 Who Should Have Hired A Stylist

The royal wedding is finally here and yes, the wedding itself along with the dress, venue and everything leading up to the day is all important but so are the guests especially their outfit choices. We all know that there’s rules and regulations when it comes to the dress code for royals, especially when a prince or princess is getting married. The number-one rule for the dress code is the hats and some choose surprising hats which you would be embarrassed to be seen in on any other day. Female guests are required to wear dresses and men must wear suits and in most cases, they’re dressed to the nines or make an epic fail with their choices. On Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s special day, the guest list also includes guests from Hollywood including Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney and his wife, the Beckhams, and James Blunt and his wife. Idris Elba is also on the list and Elton John and his husband.

Meghan’s friend Serena Williams is also a guest and the most awkward one yet is Chelsy Davy who is Harry’s ex! The best dressed includes Victoria Beckham who wore a stunning navy blue dress and David Beckham who looked immaculate in his attire. Chelsy and George Clooney’s wife, Amal Clooney, are also on the best-dressed list because of their stylish dress and hat choice. The guests who should’ve stayed home include Pippa Middleton because of the design and colors. The floral prints aren’t a big hit at all and was a mistake! Read on for more of the best-dressed guests and the guests who didn’t really dress to impress.

24 Best: Victoria Beckham’s Navy Blue Win

This dress is stunning and of course Victoria would only choose the best since she is a fashion designer. While her dress might be simple and navy, her red pumps stand out and add an extra flair to the whole look. Every part of the outfit is amazing. First of all, the dress is navy blue and what makes it so elegant is the fact that it looks like a dress and coat. The cut at the bottom half of the sleeve adds a unique element to the dress as Victoria’s shoulder is closed and the bottom of her arm is out in the open. The dress has a little slit in front but not to much, therefore it’s not to revealing which you don’t want for the church.

Victoria also didn’t go overboard with the hat and kept it simple with just a little mesh. The top piece of the hat isn’t overbearing and just the right size. Matching it to the dress kept it very classy. The scarlet-colored pumps are the best part of the outfit. It immediately grabs our attention. Victoria looks stylish and definitely chose the right choice without overdoing it.

23 Worst: Pippa Could have done better 

It’s strange that Pippa deemed this dress since at Kate Middleton’s wedding, Pippa looked stunning in a white dress. Since she kind of stole a little bit of her sister’s spotlight, commentators today were suggesting that maybe that’s why she kept it a little simpler this time around. The colors are kind of drab, and while she does have to keep it somewhat simple for the church, it looked more like she was attending a garden party than a royal wedding. The pattern they form on the top is weird to say the least and the bottom half of the dress is not very flattering.

It looks like this Middleton sister is hiding in the dress. She has a great figure that we fail to see in this attire. The only saving grace is the floral, peach color hat because of it’s small design which isn’t overbearing but the problem is the floral makes your eyes immediately drawn to the hat instead of Pippa’s face. The peach clutch doesn’t go well with the dress. Pippa definitely could’ve done better!

22 Best: Serena Williams Chose Right With Pale Pink

The tennis star did well with this garb as it isn’t too long and not too short, reaching her at the perfect length right at the knee. The design is stylish because of the wrap at the middle of Serena’s waist, it accentuates her tiny waits and hugs her curves in all the right places. The creases at the bottom gives a different element to the dress.The color is beautiful as it’s pale pink and it suits Serena’s skin tone. Williams made the right choice in sticking with the one color to keep it simple at the ceremony. The top part of the dress isn’t too revealing, but just conservative enough without looking boring.

The fascinator is unique with the feather without it being overwhelming. It also doesn’t overshadow her, it simply compliments her makeup and feminine attire. The necklace fits well with the dress as it’s the perfect length and it’s not too bulky. Serena stuck to the rules as the dress is conservative but is still chic, which is what you want for a royal wedding.

21 Worst: Tom Hardy’s Wife, Charlotte Riley, was a fashion mess

Another Hollywood actor who made the list is Tom Hardy, surprisingly, but the reason why is because Prince Harry and William made a cameo as storm troopers alongside the actor in the new Star Wars film. Tom looks dashing in the navy blue suit. The problem is his wife who made a fashion mistake with her selection. Charlotte took floral to the next level as the dress looks like it was cut out from a curtain and made into a dress. The first disaster is the length as it hangs at an awkward length with a weird frill at the bottom which doesn’t need to be there. And what’s Charlotte holding? Is it a bag or part of the dress?

The other problem is the color as it’s way too dark for those flowers. The print itself is quite dizzying, too. The sleeves are way to wide and the actual cut of the dress is not flattering at all. It gives her no shape.  The hat is awkward because of the floral at the top which looks like real flowers and the hat itself looks like a straw hat. We just don’t get it.

20 Best: Amal Clooney Looks Elegant in this season’s color

Another surprising actor on the list is George Clooney. He was invited because his wife and Meghan are friends. A source says, “Meghan and Amal have known each other for a while.” This explains why they’re guests! This mustard yellow is trending this season and it looks absolutely stunning on her skin tone. The sleeves are short and end at Amal’s shoulders and the creases give it a modern twist. It’s cinched at the waist, showing off Amal’s hourglass figure without looking to sexy. It’s the perfect balance between conservative and modern.

The hat is big because of the wide brim but it works because it’s not completely hiding Amal’s face. Amal opted for gold heels and clutch which works well with the mustard color.  The shoes are similar to her skin tone, elongating her legs since her dress reaches right below the knee. Amal looks elegant and Clooney is the perfect accessory.

19 Worst: A Polka-Dot disaster For Abigail Spencer

The actress is Meghan’s friend, therefore it’s only fair that Abigail made the guest list, but sadly, the dress isn’t impressing us for a number of reasons. For one, the white collar makes her look more like a schoolgirl than an actual guest at a royal wedding. Shirt dresses can be quite flattering and trendy, but more suited for a garden party than a wedding ceremony. It wasn’t for the fascinator and heels, Abigail would look more like a royal babysitter or school teacher than a guest at the wedding of the year.

Sometimes polka dot can work, but it doesn’t work for Abigail as it’s overkill and makes you dizzy when you stare too long. At least the dots are tiny! The fascinator is awful as it’s way too flat. While floral details could work on a fascinator, it doesn’t here. Who knows what Abigail was thinking when deciding on this garb because it just doesn’t suit her. Here’s hoping she stepped it up for the reception.

18 Best: Harry’s Ex Chelsy Davy Looked Flawless

It’s really strange that Harry’s ex attended the wedding but she was a guest! Chelsy killed this outfit. It’s not conservative or too tight, while it reach her above the knees, because it has a very elegant flair to it, it’s very classy. The cut is very feminine, accentuating her waist and showing off her great legs. The navy color is perfect as it’s bold and makes Chelsy stand out, but not too much. Her mini cape is also the perfect accessory to cover her shoulders while she’s in the church.

Chelsy’s hat is unique and sort of falls in between a hat and a fascinator. Since the dress is quite simple, wearing such an elaborate headpiece was a good choice. Chelsy also kept jewelry to a minimum which works quite nicely.

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17 Worst: Suits Co-star Gina Torres definitely stands out

Meghan’s ex co-stars from Suits were guests at the wedding since they mean a lot to Markle and she wanted them there to celebrate her special day with her. Gina was one of the co-stars who made the list but the actress failed with her attire. The dress is okay but it isn’t really suited for a royal wedding and there’s just to0 much happening with it. Firstly, all the different lines on the dress is a bit much with the color and the print. While the cut is very elegant and flattering, there’s just too much going on with the print and lines that are cutting across her entire body.

The light red is quite daring as it makes Gina stands out but the other problem is the floral print and with the lace material, the dress just seems like a table cloth. The hat and shoes are beige and the heels don’t seem to fit properly. Plus what’s up with the gardening hat? Torres always looks amazing in Suits, so we were really expecting something great at the wedding.

16 Best: Oprah’s Baby-Pink Dress is Perfection

It appears the famous talk-show host was invited to the wedding because of Meghan. The outfit Oprah chose is lovely as the pale pink suits her and it’s perfect for such a romantic day! The dress is simple but what makes it interesting is the two layers at the bottom which overlap one another. Between the pale-pink color, the lace trimming, the accentuated waist, and the natural flow at the bottom of the dress, the outfit is quite feminine and perfect for a wedding ceremony.

The shoes are very chic, sort of in between a mule and Mary Jane shoe. The hat looks like Sunday’s best because of the side and the floral details. Commentators were comparing it to the Queen’s hat today, which is quite the compliment.

15 Worst: Sofia Wellesley was a bit much

James Blunt was invited to the wedding since Harry and Blunt served in the army together and James even took part in the Queen’s 90th birthday in 2016.  No wonder he was invited to the ceremony. While he looked dashing, his wife on the other hand was a bit much for the church. While the dress is a Red Valentino design and can be quite stunning for any other occasion, we wouldn’t have picked such a busy-looking dress for the ceremony. This is a Spring wedding, and while florals are always a safe bet, the colors are quite dark. It might have been more appropriate for the occasion if they were pastel.

The hat isn’t that pleasing and it’s just plain weird because of the petal. The dress is already busy enough, and this fascinator doesn’t compliment it at all. We’re automatically drawn to the hat and completely overlook the woman who’s wearing it.

14 Best: Princess Eugenie Has royal Style

Of course this Princess was invited to the wedding since she is Harry’s cousin and this time around, Princess Eugenie opted for a simple hat compared to when she overdid it for William’s wedding. The dress is very simple, elegant, and conservative, even though it is shorter than some of the other dresses at the wedding. Eugenie was basically the only guest who went really short but it works because it’s not very fitted. Plus she’s young, so she can pull off something like this without being criticized for being inappropriate. It looks like something Chanel would wear. The powder-blue color is perfect for Spring and has her looking young and fresh. The hat is very simple and the round shape makes it look like a sailor’s hat. The contrast of the colors works beautifully.

The heels are the highlight because of the pointy toe, the silver color, and the details along the sides give the whole feminine look a touch of edge. Eugenie did a good job of mixing the old with the new and keeping the whole look plain shows she wants the new bride to shine!

13 Worst: There’s Too Much Sleeve For Sarah Rafferty

The actress was also Meghan’s co-star from Suits which Meghan left to marry a prince.  Sarah took a fashion risk here and we’re sorry to say, but it failed. The cut of the dress is boring and unflattering, and while some might like the sleeves, we just feel like it’s trying way too hard. The sleeves are so overpowering and way too wide and long as you can barely see her hands. The other bad thing is the beads and lines on the side of the dress’ arms before the puffed-up sleeves. While it looks like it should accentuate her waist because of the stitching, it just seems to be too big on her.

The only thing we actually like about this outfit is the fascinator, but then again, it’s not saying very much. So far, none of the Suits co-stars are impressing us. And considering Meghan already rocks it in Canadian brands, we’re surprised none of these actors are dressing to impress.

12 Best: Chloe Madeley Stuns The Crowd

This fitness guru was in luck to get an invite to the event of the year and it’s all thanks to her husband, James, who is a rugby union player who went to school with Harry. Thankfully, she was able to go as her man’s plus one! The dress is different but still beautiful because of the summer feel with the thin straps and Chloe was the only guest who made a bold choice to go sleeveless. However, she did get some flak for breaking protocol and showing a little bit of cleavage. I think it worked though since the length of the dress isn’t too short and isn’t too revealing. The front of the dress is interesting and detailed with the beads and pleats. This makes the attire more amusing and because of the pleats, the dress flows nicely instead of just falling straight down.

The grey heels are also a nice contrast to the peach-colored dress. The hat is not overboard at all as all it features is a long piece of feather and it’s flat. Chloe mixed and matched her colors, but they worked well together.

11 Worst: Carey Mulligan’s Floral Print is a little overboard

The actress was another wife lucky enough to attend the wedding and it’s thanks to Carey’s husband, Marcus Mumford who used to party with Harry. Harry must treasure his friendship since Marcus was invited to the big day. I’m sorry Carey, but the dress just doesn’t work and the main reason is because of the color. It’s too pale and soft and it matches Carey’s skin tone a little too much. Florals are great for the Spring, but these florals are kind of a drag. The prints look they were just placed randomly while it was being made instead of having a specific place and the bright yellow and green clash together a little too much. Your eyes just don’t know where to look. The length is also a little awkward and the loose-fitting cut isn’t the most flattering thing.

The only part of we like about this outfit is are the heels. They’re high and elegant and would have looked much better with any other dress. We also have to point out that Carey isn’t wearing a hat or a fascinator.

10 Best: Rebecca Deacon’s Two-Piece Red Attire Is On Fire

Deacon was the Duchess of Cambridge’s former private secretary and she was fortunate enough to get an invite and she brought her partner along for the special occasion. I’m in love with this dress because of the color and she is the only guest who went completely modern. Rebecca decided to spice things up with the two-piece outfit. It is conservative since it covers up the chest area and there is break between the top and bottom without showing any stomach. The skirt has a little flair to it, giving it it a feminine touch. Rebecca chose well with the color. It suits her and makes her stand out among the pastel colors.

The black purse and watch goes really well with the red and the peach-colored hat is unique. The skirt was quite short, but Chloe still looks dignified. Deacon also didn’t go overboard with the jewelry as she only wore a black watch and golden bracelet on the other arm.

9 Worst: Joss Stone Looks Like A Flower Girl

It’s surprising that the singer Joss was invited to the wedding but the fact is, Stone is a longtime friend of Harry’s! Harry invited all of his close friends to celebrate with him on his big day. And while it’s sweet that Stone was invited, she probably should have hired a stylist to help her pick an appropriate outfit for the royal wedding. This dress is sweet, we’ll give it that, but she looks more like an adult flower girl than a woman. This floral number is better suited for a garden party than a royal wedding that is clearly the fashion event of the year. And as dainty and feminine as the dress is, the black pumps stand out like a sore thumb against this frock. The only part about this outfit that we actually like and deem appropriate is the headpiece. It’s elegant and absolutely stunning.

8 Best: Lady Kitty Spencer looks like a runway model

Spencer  looks absolutely stunning in this Dolce & Gobana dress. She’s been in many D&G campaigns, so it’s no wonder she rocked a D&G dress at the event of the year. The square neckline elongates her neck and gives a modern touch to such a sophisticated floral print. The bottom of the dress looks like it’s been hand-painted. D&G found a way to include the color of the season with the mustard-yellow flowers. While burnt orange is usually better suited for the Fall, it’s gorgeous against the forrest green and her cream-colored skin tone. She looks elegant, posh, and royal. The 27-year-old model arrived with her family and completely stole the show. Many have compared Lady Kitty to Princess Diana, and between her style and demeanor, we totally get why.

7 Worst: Bubbles Galore For Princess Beatrice

I’m sorry, but this dress is kind of a disaster. The dress looks like it’s made of bumbles and she’s about to burst. It’s like a prom dress gone bad. This ’50s-style, knee-length dress is quite dark for Spring and is not even remotely elegant. As if the cut isn’t bad enough, the ballooned sleeves makes her look bigger than she actually is.

The heels are very simple and the only nice thing about them is the tall thin heel. Rather than sport a fascinator or a hat, Beatrice opted for a 3-D-looking headband to match her match. While some would argue that this outfit is unique and a work of art, we say keep for the runway. This is not the way you want to stand out at a royal wedding.

6 Best: Pretty Little Liars Troian Bellisario Is Graceful

The actress only got invited to the wedding because her husband, Patrick J. Adams played Meghan’s man in the show Suits. Troian’s look is straightforward but it’s still breathtaking and it’s perfect for a wedding setting. The actress looks radiant posing next to her husband. The loose-fitting dress is elegant, feminine, and is somewhat traditional looking. However, the metallic details on her shoulders gives it an edge that wouldn’t expect from a sleeve like this. I love the gold shoes as they compliment the dress, giving it a modern twist. This fascinator looks more like a headband, but the mesh keeps it somewhat traditional. The whole look is very elegant and definitely outshines all of the Suits co-stars. Adams should be proud to stand beside this gorgeous lady.

5 Worst: Jacinda Barrett’s Unusual Frock

Another fortunate wife who was able to experience the wedding because of her husband, Gabriel Macht, who acted alongside Meghan in Suits. While the dress is quite nice, it’s not exactly the right color for a Spring wedding in England. If Meghan and Harry would have gotten married in October, then perhaps Barrett would have made the best-dressed list. The dropped waits and loose fit gives it somewhat of a flapper style, and while that can work at a party, we wouldn’t exactly choose this number for a royal wedding ceremony. The most unusual thing about the whole look are the shoulders. It gives her a square shape, and while shoulder pads can be fun, we wouldn’t really want them on our dress. The design of the dress is unique compared to the other guests, but that’s not always a good thing.

4 Best: Karen Spencer Is Sophisticated In Purple

The wife of Charles Spencer, who is Harry’s uncle and Princess Diana’s younger brother, looks very refined in this tight-fitting dress.  It fits her like a glove. The color is simple but vibrant and makes Karen stand out in the crowd. She’s found a beautiful balance between foxy and classy, and like the good husband that he is, Charles Spencer matched his wife’s dress with his purple tie. She is quite bold to wear purple head to toe, but it looks absolutely stunning against her light skin tone. While some might argue that the dress is too tight to wear to church, we say, if you’ve got it, then flaunt it.

As if the color didn’t make her stand out enough, her fascinator is also quite bold. She is there to make a statement and there’s nothing stopping Karen. We think she’s representing Princess Diana’s side quite well.

3 Worst: Lady Edwina Louise Grosvenor’s Dots Clash

This dress is very different and if you stare at it too long, your vision might go blurry. While we always appreciate a good polka-dot dress, this is just too much. As if having a print with three different sizes of dots wasn’t enough, the frill on her neckline makes her look like a school teacher from the ’90s.The frills at the top part of the dress is old fashioned and so are the shoes. As a royal herself, Lady Edwina Louise Grosvenor should know better than to wear this garden-party dress to a royal wedding.

The fascinator is also quite boring as it consists only of an oval shape which looks like it’s glued to her head. She looks like she’s ready for a tennis match. Edwina might as well have left the hat because it’s silly.

2 Best: Idris Elba and Sabrina Are Cool And Crisp

Meghan invited the actor as her guest since they’re very good friends and his fiancee, Sabrina Dhowre, obviously accepted to go as Idris’ plus one! Although we’ve focused mainly the women, we have to give props to Elba for looking to sleek and dashing. Elba opted for a black suit with a crisp-white shirt. While other guests opted for a coat or blazer, Sabrina rocked the long cardigan. The detailed buttons and red and green trimming makes this outfit chic and perfect for a church. The Mary Jane shoes are very feminine and elegant. Her bag looks very upscale and British and quite different compared to the other women who opted for a clutch.

1 Worst: Delfina Blaquier Looks Out Of Place

This dress is a freaky nightmare in so many ways. While turquoise is a good color, there’s just way too much of it here. The dress is quite frumpy and hits her in all the wrong places. Although it does somewhat accentuate her waist, it’s way too tight on her chest. Satin can be a great option for a Spring dress, but this little number definitely doesn’t flatter Delfina’s slim figure. The sleeves look baggy as they’re rolled up. While we appreciate showing a little bit of leg, there is nothing to show off with these shoes. No matter a tall a woman is, she should feel confident enough to rock a pair of heels, especially at a royal wedding! This isn’t a barbecue after all.

And as if she’s not blue enough, her clutch, which looks more like a wallet than anything else, is navy. The hat is very simple as well, and it looks like something you would wear while you’re out gardening. Her hair also looks like it’s simply tied to the side, and we really hope someone fixed that necklace of hers because seeing that chain hanging on the side is making us cringe. This is probably the worst outfit of the day.

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