Selena Gomez’s Sexiest Music Video Looks Of All-Time

We love a sexy music video, and Selena Gomez has a ton of them! We’re taking a look back at all her sexiest music video looks of all time!

Selena Gomez , 25, is one sexy lady! When Selena first started her singing career her videos aired on the more playful side. However, as of late, Sel’s been turning up the heat! From lacy lingerie to even being tied up — Selena is keeping things on the hot side and we’re a fan! In honor of the release of her new song, “Back To You,” on May 10, we’re taking a look at all her sexiest music video looks from the past! Grab a snack, cause there’s a lot to go over!

We’ve gotta say, Selena and DJ Marshmello‘s video for collab song “Wolves” might just be her steamiest video yet. The video featured super sexy visuals, like Selena soaking wet poolside and her rolling around on the floor in minimal clothes! Sel rocked one sexy outfit after another in this video, we almost lost track! Selena had her hair dripping wet while her skin was glowing throughout the footage, bringing even more heat. We totally love this look on you girl!

Selena was also too hot to handle in her “Bad Liar” video! Selena went nearly nude for this steamy vid and rolled around on her bed with her hands tied! We’re totally a fan of this side of Selena. Speaking of being tied up… Selena’s “Fetish” video features her being literally tongue tied… interesting, but sexy! This video showed Sel on the ground rolling around (again), this time, with thigh high lacy socks and a doll-like dress — pretty hot! The vid also featured Sel with her hair wet, again draped around her face while she wore a sexy and sultry look. We wonder if Bieber knows what he’s missing out on!?

To see more of Selena’s sexiest music video looks, click through our gallery above!

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