How to Shop Forever 21 Like a Fashion Editor

Every fashionista can appreciate a great deal, whether it’s a sale at a high-end store—like Neiman Marcus—or a fast-fashion find from Forever 21. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, your affordable find can easily turn into a regret once you get home. But that all ends today. We’ve picked up a few tips that will help you shop Forever 21 without actually looking like you … well, shop at Forever 21.

First thing’s first: Skip all of the jewelry. We gotta give it up for Forever 21 for, somehow, finding a way to create elaborate necklaces and earrings for under $5. But trust me. Stay far, far away. You’ll just end up mad at yourself next week once the rhinestones fall out and the gold/silver paint starts to fade. Protect your wallet (and your energy) and just steer clear of the jewelry section.

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Next, take your time. The racks at Forever 21 are packed to the max. So you’re going to need some extra time to spare when shopping in the store. Make sure you look carefully through the merch and never, ever make a rushed purchase. If you’re pressed for time, head straight to the contemporary section. That’s where you’ll find pieces that are less teenager-y and a bit more refined.

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And for those moments you can’t make it into the store, take advantage of Forever 21’s sorting tool on its website. Since the average prices are already super low, always organize categories with price points set high to low. That way you’ll instantly see the best pieces first. Try it for yourself and shop our favorite picks below.

Floral Self-Tie Jumpsuit

Levis Mile High Super Skinny Jeans

Crossbody Bucket Bag

Dark Pink Floral Maxi Dress

Ruffle-Trim Jacket

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