Shoppers warned of outlets’ ‘disguising’ trick – how to spot and get ‘a true bargain’

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The Channel 4 show investigated whether outlet stores offer misleading prices and revealed the only items shoppers should be purchasing in outlets.

“People love the feeling of coming home knowing they’ve saved hundreds of pounds,” but do they actually save any money?

Stylist Pooja Adam said it is a myth that outlets only have last season’s clothes.

She also revealed some items are specifically made for outlets so shoppers are not actually saving any money when they buy those pieces.

How can you spot them?

She explained: “They sometimes have a small portion of last season’s stock but beyond that, 80 percent of the shop may just be made for outlets.

“It may look like something that is out in stores currently but you may be getting it at a very discounted rate because the linen may be different, or there’s no fur trim on the hood.”

She continued: “People don’t realise that they are spending so much money for something that was made specifically for outlet.

“They don’t realise it didn’t come from a full-price store originally and I think people should be more aware,” she warned.

Pooja said “outlet stores are very good at sort of disguising that”.

But how can shoppers spot if something is made deliberately for the outlets?

The stylist explained: “So some items tend to have a ticket on it that says ‘OE’ which means ‘outlet exclusive’.

“If you see something at 30 perfect off it’s probably just made for outlets.

“If you find something in the 60s, those are the pieces that you are truly getting a bargain on.”

Pooja revealed what should shoppers be looking for if they want to get quality for less.

She said: “My biggest advice is to go for outerwear, to go for boots, handbags and leather goods.

“These tend to be the pieces you’ll get your best value for money.

“These brands have spent years crafting them,” she said.

“So you’ll really get a true bargain with them.”

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