Simple hack keeps food cool while you're entertaining & it gets a food safety expert’s seal of approval

A WOMAN has revealed a quick and easy way to keep food cool while you're entertaining – and it's perfect in the warmer weather.

Shannon McNitt shared the simple sip on TikTok and it's since received a food safety expert’s seal of approval

In the clip, Shannon fills a disposable tray one-third of the way with water before popping it in the freezer.

Once frozen, she puts another tray filled with fresh fruit and veg on top, and the ice will keep the top tray cool while entertaining friends and family.

While it might seem like a simple idea, it's left millions blown away as it's so effective in keeping food fresh for long periods of time.

"Now, here is a suggestion I will actually use," one user commented. 

"So glad I found this on TikTok," wrote another. "Doing this from now on for my kids' birthday parties!" 

And according to Insider, Ben Chapman, professor and food safety extension specialist at North Carolina State University, says this hack actually works.

The publication reported that bacteria can grow on food left out of the fridge pretty quickly – particularly fruit and veg that has been cut or cooked.

"Keeping food on ice can keep it fresher for longer," the professor told Insider.

"This is pretty equivalent to putting food directly on crushed ice, which works pretty well".

How long it will work for depends on a few factors though, such as how much food there is, whether it was in the fridge before hand, how thick the ice is and how hot the weather is, he said.

Shannon shared a follow up clip and revealed that the try was still partially frozen after four hours – and it was still pretty cold too.

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Meanwhile, people are praising this easy hack which means you’ll never have to wash a fiddly cheese grater again.

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