Sisters design range of glasses made to fit Black facial features

Two sisters have created a ground-breaking range of glasses that have been designed to fit Black facial features.

Clare and Christina decided to launch a business venture of their own after realising that most established eyewear brands are designed for Caucasian features.

They were shocked to discover that nobody manufactured eyewear specifically for Black people, and they decided to do something about it.

Their venture, Kimeze, is an eyewear brand offers luxury glasses and sunglasses
to fit Black faces. The sisters say there has been an ‘East-Asian fit’ in existence since the 1980s, but there has been nothing specifically made to fit Black features until now.

The sisters, who are both Oxford University graduates, aim to finally create choice for Black consumers, and in doing so redefine what is the ‘normal’ fit, range of colours and target customer for a luxury eyewear brand.

‘When we first began this journey, we couldn’t believe that the reason we had had difficulty finding glasses that fitted all of our lives was because eyewear is designed for Caucasian facial features, or East Asian facial features, but nowhere specifically designed or manufactured eyewear for Black faces,’ says Clare.

‘This began our journey, and our mission to create choice – and importantly to create a really quality hand-crafted range that spanned both fashion-forward and classic styles to complement brown facial structures and skin tones.

‘For something as basic as opticals and sunglasses – something that we all need, everyone deserves to have agency and choice in their eyewear purchase. Because choice is important. Eyewear is just the beginning.’

To create the range, the sisters worked with some of the best frame makers in the world and the campaign imagery was shot by talented photographer Ekua King.

The glasses are created in Italy and 3D modelling is used to create the distinctive styles.

‘Choice is important,’ reads the Kimeze website.

‘Our purpose is to create choice through delivering the quality and craftsmanship you deserve, continually innovating with you at the centre of our design process.’

Prices for the glasses start at £250, and you can browse and buy the different styles online.

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