‘Skin whisperer’ warns that you SHOULDN’T wash your face every day – but people say they won't stop

AN AESTHETICIAN has gone viral on TikTok for telling people not to wash their face every day, which has sparked a lively debate on the app.

The self-professed 'skin whisperer' Nicole Caroline, based in Connecticut, told users not to wash their face in the morning as it could ruin the natural oil production.

The video has garnered over three million views and sparked a lively debate among users.

Nicole says: "Don't wash your face in the morning unless you have acne.

"Please stop doing it, thank you."

After receiving numerous comments saying there was no credibility to her claims, Nicole posted another video further explaining why you shouldn't wash your face twice a day.

She said over-cleansing your skin can strip the natural barrier of the skin and which is essential for having healthy, bouncy, glowy skin.

Nicole said 90 percent of the time her clients come in, this is the first thing she changes in their routine.

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She claims this is not her opinion but fact and she has seen it in action and work.

Nicole stated that this will not work for everyone, people with oily skin, acne skin, or those who sweat a lot during the night or after going to the gym should always wash their face with a cleanser.

But she also noted that perhaps the reason you have oily skin is that you are stripping it and it is overproducing oil to compensate.

She notes that when she said do not wash your face, what she meant was that you should rinse your skin with cold water in the morning, but not use a cleanser.

Although some users could understand the science, others were not convinced by Nicole's claims.

One user wrote: "Makes sense, kinda like over-washing your hair causes overproduction of oil. Thank you!"

"It's true. I stopped washing my face with a cleanser in the morning. and now after 2 weeks, I have amazing skin. By the way, I have oily skin." Wrote another user.

Other users were not as impressed: "I’m definitely not going to stop washing my face…. It’s a good thing to do with the right cleanser."

Another user exclaimed: "I have oily skin. I'm not listening to you."

A third person wrote: "I wash it both morning and night… Not going to stop doing it."

It's good to remember that everyone's skin is different and what works for one person may not work for another.

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