Snobby woman who lost high-flying job savaged for saying she ‘doesn’t want to work in Asda’ as she has ‘more to offer’

WE can't deny it – losing your job will be a huge knock to anyone's confidence.

But while most people take whatever work they can find, one woman has sparked a fierce debate online after she said she has "so much more to offer" than stacking shelves in Asda.

Sharing her dilemma on Mumsnet, the woman explained how she's been struggling to find work after being made redundant.

Admitting that she was being "snobby", the mum said she "didn't want to work in a supermarket".

She wrote: "The only jobs where I am right now seem to be in a supermarket or cleaning houses or offices – I’m a rubbish cleaner."

Although she knew it looked "petty", the woman said she didn't want a stint at Asda on her CV when she tries to get another high-flying job in the travel industry.

She added: "I just feel I have so much more to offer but nobody in my industry of choice is hiring right now (understandably)."

Asking other members for their advice, the woman concluded: "[Am I being unreasonable] to think this will go against me for future job opportunities?

"Or will future potential employees understand this is a blip of 'COVID times' and not see it as a negative?"

Unsurprisingly, the post stirred up debate on the parenting forum – and many argued that working in a supermarket would better her career prospects long-term.

One replied: "As an employer, I'd rather employ someone who wanted to be in work and was willing to turn their hand to anything.

"Every job has unpleasant bits and I think you can demonstrate that you don't shy away from them by taking a job that isn't your life's ambition."

Speaking from experience, another wrote: "I was made redundant due to Covid having worked in a niche bit of healthcare for 12 years and no ones hiring due to budgets but I have bills to pay. So slogging my guts in a supermarket working nights to fit around childcare.

"Yup it's not ideal and not my career goals. But. I'm learning new skills, which can go on my CV which I didn't get it my last jobs. I'd rather have a supermarket job listed on my CV than a gap in employment."

A third added: "If I were hiring and I saw a highly qualified applicant who had taken a job in a supermarket to make ends meet during a pandemic when work was unavailable in their ‘normal’ field, I would be very impressed and look extremely favourably on their application."

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