Someone Get Us a Cold Compress— Ashely Graham's Bikinigrams Are Too Effing Hot

Wearing my fav sold out Fes suit || More ?in my bio

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Teeny Two-Toned Cutout

When it comes to rocking the hell out of a bikini, it really doesn’t get much sexier than Ashley Graham. The model and body activist is no stranger to flaunting her curves on the runway or in magazine spreads, and she damn sure doesn’t hold back when wearing skimpy lil’ swimsuits.

Ashley has no problem showing off her physique in one-pieces, strapless bandeaus, triangle tops, and more. Heck, she loves a good swim look so much that she created her own collection with Swimsuits For All, inspiring women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their bikini bodies. If that alone isn’t sexy AF, then we don’t know what is.

We’ve rounded up Graham’s hottest looks ahead so you can see for yourself. Good luck trying not to catch heat stroke scrolling through these bikinigrams.

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