Sophie Wessex’s engagement ring represents ‘longevity’ with Edward

Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex arrive for wedding in 1999

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 57, is currently mourning with the Royal Family as Queen Elizabeth II sadly died on September 8, at the age of 96. The Countess received a beautiful engagement ring from Prince Edward, 58, that is seldom talked about. In contrast, Kate Middleton’s engagement ring received global attention, mainly due to previously belonging to the late Princess Diana. What does the Countess of Wessex’s engagement ring look like?

Daena Borrowman, the PR, Social and Digital Marketing Manager at jewellerybox spoke exclusively to to offer her analysis.

She said: “Sophie, Countess of Wessex was proposed to with a trilogy diamond ring from the royal jeweller Garrard.

“The white gold ring features a two-carat central oval diamond flanked by two smaller heart-shaped diamonds.

“It is worth around £105,000,” the expert claimed.

Why is this ring so special for the Countess?

Daena explained: “It is very special indeed because it has many special ties to other Royal Family members.

“Firstly, it bears a close similarity to the Queen’s engagement ring and secondly, its designer Garrard, was also behind the engagement rings of Princess Diana and Sarah, Duchess of York.”

Eddie LeVian, the CEO of LeVian, whose ancestors guarded the royal jewels of Persia, also spoke exclusively to to explain why Sophie’s ring conveys “enduring love”.

He said: “Sophie Wessex’s engagement ring is a testament to enduring love.

“The two-carat oval diamond in the centre is adorned by two small heart-shaped diamonds on either side, set into a platinum band.”

What does the ring represent?

Eddie explained: “The trilogy diamond engagement design which brings together three diamonds has been said to represent the past, the present and the hope for a beautiful future of a couple’s unique loving relationship.

“In addition, platinum is the most secure precious metal for holding precious gemstones and is associated with resilience and longevity.

“With this royal engagement ring, Prince Edward marked his private wedding proposal with a very meaningful token of romance,” the expert claimed.

Sophie and Edward are one of the more down to earth royal couples, having met at a tennis match in 1993.

They had a relatively simple royal wedding, with no ceremonial state or military involvement.

Their nuptials were still an impressive television moment though, attracting 200 million viewers.

Sophie’s beautiful dress was designed by Samantha Keswick (née Shaw), and was a silk organza ensemble, decorated with 325,000 crystals and pearls.

The Countess wore the Anthemion tiara, named so because of the design, and it was chosen from the Queen’s private jewellery collection.

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