Starbucks customers share hilarious name fails by bungling baristas

It's a policy that the US company rolled out years ago, so you'd think by now baristas will have heard just about every name going.

But judging by the scrawly handwriting seen on the sides of dozens of cups shared across social media, it would appear not.

People with even the simplest or most common monikers have been left stunned at the attempts an employee has made to spell their name.

A woman called Sarah snapped a pic of her frappe with the word "Cera" on the side, while Lucy picked her cup to find her name spelt as "Lousi".

Conspiracy theorists claim its a ploy by Starbucks to get free advertising as dozens of people share photos of the "mistake" on social media.

Whether it's a joke, or it's simply that the barista struggled to hear above the whirring of the coffee machine, there's no doubting there's been some interesting spellings over the years.

Here's some of our favourite misspellings over the past few weeks alone…

Richard aka Victor


Portia aka Porche-uh?

Ruby aka Rugby

Sammii aka Same

Siraj aka Syringe

Brie aka Reed

Lowell aka Loal

Bryony aka Rye

Ben aka Espen

Lucy aka Lousi

Hugh aka Q

Simone aka Gismo

Shelby aka Shelton

Delaney aka Dylan

Cameron aka Campbell

Solomon aka Salmon

Spencer aka Sensor

Mimi aka Meebee

Warren aka Wernin

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