Summer is finally here and so is tie-dye hair – are you brave enough to try new trend?

So what better time to get a little experimental with our hair colour?

Minnesota-based hair colourist Kelsey Pebler (who has the most colourful Instagram feed we've ever seen) has been giving us all of the inspo with bright and bold tie-dye creations.

But how did she think of such a concept? Kelsey told Allure: "I started looking at different linear designs and was really inspired by Southwestern prints."

"I created a design that would illustrate that on the hair and started to notice a tie-dye effect when I was drying it.

"So, I started with a different idea, but it transformed into something else… as art does sometimes." she added.

But how did she go about creating such a vibrant look? Kelsey confessed to having to lighten the hair first, until she got it to an icy blonde shade.

Then, she'd lay down tape onto the hair onto specific sections of her design, before painting on Lime Crime's Unicorn Dyes onto the parts of the hair that weren't taped.

She then let the colour develop for half an hour before rinsing it out with ice cold water – as she claims this stops the different hues from bleeding together. Genius.

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Lime Crime
Kelsey painted on the Lime Crime Unicorn hair pastes to achieve the look


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