Supermums with over 100 kids between them reveal how they celebrate Xmas – including one who gets freebies from fans

A SURE sign you've officially reached adulthood is when the magic of Christmas is replaced with pure stress over presents and panic that you're going to mess up the turkey for everyone. Right?

And we're speaking as mums who can count our kids on just one hand.

So what happens when you have a super-sized family? Well, the festive season is something you have to approach like a military operation.

Here Fabulous takes a deep-dive into how these savvy mums – who have over 100 KIDS between them – get organised for Christmas.

And even the mere thought of buying and wrapping all those presents makes us want to take a nap.

Mum-of-11 Veronica Merritt – Fan Freebies

She might be about to welcome her 12th child – Veronica Merritt hasn't let her pregnancy stand in the way of going all out on presents for her brood this year.

Speaking to Fabulous earlier this month, the 36-year-old from New York – who had her first baby at 14 – revealed she's spending around £4,425 on gifts.

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She explained: "This year I am in a much better position and have been able to spend a lot more on my kids than I have previously.

“My teens and older children can expect to find gifts worth £525 under the tree while my younger ones will cost me about £150 a piece."

Since joining TikTok last year, Veronica – who posts under This Mad Mama – has amassed almost 120,000 followers.

And thanks to mum's popularity online, she's also had fans sending her kids presents for Christmas.

In her bio of her TikTok account, the former teen mum has shared her Amazon gift wishlist – which includes a £150 pair of men's snow boots, £85 food processor and £50 baby shoes.

Earlier this week, Veronica shared a clip of her daughter Mara opening a toy that a kind viewer had bought after a troll kicked off about the registry.

The gift message read: "I just watched your TikTok where some lady was being rude about your gift registry.

"You said someone should buy something just to p*** her off more so here you go LOL."

But even when Veronica wasn't in the same fortune position, the mum still went to great lengths to ensure her kids had a magical Christmas and shopped at charity shops for their presents.

She added: "I have a tendency to shop years in advance and keep presents in storage, I wouldn’t say I am a hoarder so much as I am a saver.

“When you find a good deal on something you’ll never know when you might see it again and you never know when you might have the money."

Mum-of-16 Jeni Bonnell – Santa's spreadsheet

If we had 16 kids to shop for, you can bet we'd probably put all their gifts on a credit card and bury our head in the sand.

But for Australian supermum Jeni Bonnell, it's all about sticking to a strict budget and making cuts when you can.

In a YouTube video, Jeni explained how she examines her usual monthly spend first.

"You're going to want to write down exactly how much money you have to spend on Christmas," she says. "So work out exactly how many people you're buying for, how many you're feeding.

Jeni advises that you skip the credit cards to avoid racking up debt.
She aadds: "Don't spend what you don't have. You don't want to be hit by a Christmas credit crash afterwards."

When it comes to choosing gifts, Jeni sticks to a spreadsheet to make sure every one of her brood has a fair share of prezzies.

She makes a table of gifts for the kids, with one column for Santa and another from mum and dad. In a third column, Jeni keeps a total of how much money has been spent on each kid. The fourth column has the total number of gifts per person.

Jeni says: "Don't forget that a simple homemade gift is sometimes the most beautiful gift you can give. Give from your heart and that's all that matters."

But what about the cost of feeding the family-of-18? Well Jenni recommends snapping up Christmas items – like ham and puddings – when you see them on offer in the run-up to the day.

Mum-of-8 Yalancia Rosario – £3k Family Trip

As a mum of eight boys (who is about to have her 9th baby), Yalancia Rosario knows how hard it is to get presents that ALL the family are happy with.

So instead, the mum, 29, from Dallas, Texas, and her husband Michael, 36, splash out on a family holiday instead.

The couple share eight sons: Jamel, 12, Michael Jr, nine, Angelo, eight, Armani, six, Prince, five, Sincere, three, Armani, one, and Gimani, five months.

She previously told Fabulous: "I spend around £2,200 to £3,700 depending on which trip we decide on.

"We usually go on a trip instead of gifting as we gift big on birthdays. I honestly do all my shopping online for the majority of things.

"Shopping online is a breeze. I always have reservations set early so we aren’t struggling to get in anywhere this trip is saved for throughout the year and the boys enjoy the experiences we get to take with one another."

Mum-of-13 Emma Hann – £2k Christmas budget

As the proud parents of 13 kids, Emma and Roy Hann, from Dundee, have got their Christmas preparations down to a fine art.

The couple – whose kids are aged between 30 and seven – previously told the Mirror that their celebration can cot £2,000… and that's on a BUDGET.

Describing how they prefer to get one big present for each of their kids, Emma explained: "We’re very budget-conscious so we try not to spend more than £50 on the younger ones and no more than £100 on the older ones.

"The kids have always been pretty good about it but mostly they’ve asked for a mixture of toys, a phone on a contract which we’ll pay, make-up, box-sets, a Kindle, and Lego."

And while other parents of big families they know prepare for Christmas throughout the year, Emma says most of their shopping gets done on Black Friday.

Out of their £2k budget, the couple spend half of it on presents and the remaining money goes towards their 10kg turkey, 4kg ham and 10kg of potatoes.

Mum-of-8 Heather Bell – 56 presents exactly

We all know how easy it is to get carried away with our kids' Christmas presents – but to maintain some sort of order in her house, mum-of-8 Heather Bell, 50, revealed how she buys each of her kids seven gifts exactly.

The American mum told Fabulous: "'Each of my kids gets seven presents, one big present and six smaller ones.

“I have a ‘Christmas notebook’ where I write down everything they get and what they asked for. I have to hide it so they can’t peek."

What's more, the mum slowly starts buying her presents throughout the yearand has them all wrapped in time for the tree to go up in October.

In total, the mum has 56 presents for the kids and the family start the day with a group breakfast before opening everything.

Mum-of-12 Britni Church – LOVES wrapping

When you have two or three kids, you don't have to think twice about where you're going to put their stockings or how their presents are going to fit under the tree.

But when you have 12 children under one roof, these tasks get infinitely more complicated.

Earlier this week, mum-of-12 Britni Church, 32 – who has roughly 10 years of life pregnant – showed her TikTok followers how she fits all her kids' stockings on her fireplace.

In a video that's been viewed by over 60,000 people, the mum explained how she has to hang each stocking from an individual hook.

She joked: "Our stockings are a mess… I'll give you one guess why.

"We use these hooks. They were here when we bought the house but we did have to add more."

Luckily for her, Britni says she actually ENJOYS wrapping – which is just as well considering she has 13 people to buy for, including her husband Chris.

Mum-of-22 Sue Radford – £5,500 presents, 70 rolls of wrapping paper & lavish breakfast

As the parents of Britain's biggest family, Noel and Sue always go the extra mile to ensure their ALL kids have a very special Christmas.

But needless to say, this doesn't come cheap – and the proud parents reportedly spent a whopping £5,000 on presents every December and a further £300 on their food shop.

The couple are parents to Chris, 32, Sophie, 27, Chloe, 26, Jack, 24, Daniel, 22, Luke, 21, Millie, 20, Katie, 19, James, 18, Ellie, 16, Aimee, 15, Josh, 14, Max, 12, Tillie, 11, Oscar, 10, Casper, nine, Hallie, six, Phoebe, five, Archie, four, Bonnie, three, and Heidie, one.

In previous years, Noel and Sue revealed that they spend between £100 and £250 on each of their children.

in the months leading up to Christmas, the parents pinch their pennies to save £5,500 to buy the kids' presents.

And while most families simply chuck their presents under the tree when they're wrapped, Sue has a personalised sack for each child so the gifts don't get mixed up – and to save herself having to buy hundreds of tags.

What's more, Noel and Sue also get through a staggering 70 rolls of wrapping paper every year.

Unsurprisingly, Sue is a bit of a pro when it comes to gift wrapping and considers herself a "demon wrapper".

According to Mail Online, she can wrap 20 presents in just 15 minutes – and can easily get hundreds of gifts ready in a single evening.

The mum-of-22 has also got into the festive spirit early this year by decorating their dining room table with a North Pole theme for the whole of December.

The table was dressed with a Christmas table cloth, plates, cups and straws with a cracker laid at each seat.

Sue had also strewn candy canes about the place and had meticulously arranged Christmas chocolates in the shape of snowflakes all over the table.

Her bumper brood had a sugary feast to tuck into including pancakes, chocolate filled crepes, as well as chocolate croissants.

And if they hadn’t quite got their sugar fix, Sue had placed Nutella and maple syrup on the table along with sliced banana and strawberry to finish.

To wash it all down, the youngsters can help themselves to chocolate milk or hot chocolate.

Mum-of-11 Courtney Rogers – no Christmas presents for husband

Since marrying her husband Chris in October 2008, Courtney Rogers has welcomed 11 kids – meaning she's been pregnant for the best part of a DECADE.

Courtney and Chris home-school their huge brood and ferry them around the neighbourhood where they live on a 12 acre plot in Santa Fe county, New Mexico, USA, in a 15 seater van.

Their monthly food bills are $1,200 (£975) and in January they were forced to cut out all meals and days out, as they were costing them well over $1,000 (£812) a month.

Every year, the family stretch to a camping holiday in Georgia to visit family – and in total it costs them £800 on travel and expenses.

So by the time Christmas rolls round, the couple don't have much to spare and gave up buying each other presents entirely.

This sacrifice means they can spend $100 [£75] on each of their kids – and they're even hoping to have MORE.

“We want to have more if we can,” said Courtney. “We want to have 12 children, a family of 14 even."

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