Should you swap your burger for a salad? Not if our calorie count is anything to go by

Yesterday we told how a “healthy” grilled chicken wrap, added to McDonald’s menu aimed at kids, has more calories than four chicken McNuggets.The fast food giant introduced the new item after mums said they wanted more non-fried options to pick from. But the new wrap has 181 calories, while four nuggets contain 173.

AMY JONES compares fast food with high street posh nosh to see if making swaps will do us any good.

McDonald's vs Eat

Burger King vs Waitrose

Greggs vs Crush

Pizza Hut vs Leon

Wimpy vs Wasabi

Domino's vs Pod

Subway vs Pure

Chicken Cottage vs Chipotle

Morley's vs Joe & The Juice

KFC vs Pret A Manger

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