Take our quiz and find out if you love your pet more than your partner

ONE in four of us has dumped a partner who didn’t like our pet, according to a new poll carried out by petplan.co.uk.

So do you put more effort into pampering your pooch or pussycat than your lover? Take our quiz to see if YOUR other half might soon go walkies.

1. When you get home, what do you do?

A) Kiss your partner and ask about their day.

B) Grunt at your partner and put the kettle on.

C) Collapse on the sofa with your pet.

D) Dash through the door, knocking your partner out of the way. You can’t wait for a cuddle with your favourite furry friend.

2. On Valentine’s Day, you usually . . . 

A) Go on a romantic getaway – just you and your partner.

B) Enjoy a meal at a dog-friendly pub with your four-legged pal in tow.

C) Giggle as you open two cards each, one from your human companion and one from your pet.

D) Spend the day slaving in the kitchen rustling up tasty treats for your pet.

3. Do you have a pet name for your partner?

A) Yes, we have loads of names for each other.

B) No, pet names are for pets only.

C) No . . . but I do for the pet.

D) No . . . and my partner gets upset because the pet has about 15 silly names.

4. If you feel sad or under the weather, who do you cuddle up in bed with?

A) My partner. They always make me feel better.

B) No one. I’d prefer to be on my own.

C) My pet. Being around them helps me feel happy and more positive.

D) My pet. Who else would be in the bed?

5. How do you imagine your partner feels about your pet?

A) They don’t bother with each other very much.

B) They love us both equally.

C) They like my pet, but not as much as my pet likes me.

D) They don’t like them – they must be jealous of anyone else getting my attention.

6. How many photos do you have of your pet?

A) None. The pet itself is enough.

B) One in my wallet/purse, to think of them when we’re not together.

C) Five or so.

D) Hundreds. Every room in the house has a picture of them on the wall.

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7. It’s your pet’s birthday – what do you do?

A) They don’t know what day it is, do they?

B) Get them a special, posh tin of pet food.

C) Invite a small group of friends to go on a walk with the birthday animal.

D) Have a party, invite friends, hire entertainment and buy food. You would for a child, right?

How pawly did you do?

IF you answered mostly As . . .  You have a no-nonsense attitude to owning a pet while putting your partner’s needs first. Whatever animal you have, they know their place in the pecking order.

Mostly Bs . . . You love your pet but you love your partner more. Having an animal in your life helps bring you closer together but they don’t rule the roost.

Mostly Cs . . . Does your partner ever comment that your pet gets more attention from you than they do? Try to consider their feelings more, as you are putting your relationship at risk.

Mostly Ds . . . Your life revolves around indulging your pet and you don’t give a second thought to the other human in your relationship. Try to remember they exist. It’s a miracle you even have a partner.

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