Take our quiz to see if you would know if your partner was cheating

AFFAIRS are in the air following lockdown, according to an extra-marital dating website.

Illicit Encounters says interest from married people wanting to date someone other than their spouse is up by 31 per cent over this time last year.

Relationship experts reckon being stuck at home together for the past few months has exposed weaknesses in failing relationships – nudging people elsewhere for excitement.

But would you know if your partner was cheating on you?

Yasmin Harisha and relationship therapist Sally Barker, who specialises in helping couples where a partner has cheated, put the effectiveness of your “straydar” to the test.

1. What is the first change to your partner’s appearance that could indicate they are cheating?
a) Haircut
b) Trimmed nails
c) Whitened teeth
d) Moisturised face

2. Which of these is a tell-tale sign your partner is lying to you?
a) They use a lot of hand gestures
b) They cross their legs
c) They sit on their hands
d) They crack their knuckles

3. Work aside, how long will a cheat stay out of the house in one go?
a) 1-2 hours
b) 3-4 hours
c) 4-5 hours
d) 6+ hours

4. What is a cheat likely to buy themselves first?
a) Clothes
b) Shoes
c) Jewellery
d) All of the above

5. When a cheat is lying, they . . . 
a) Repeatedly touch their face
b) Scratch their neck
c) Twitch
d) Sweat

6. Where is a cheat likely to hide in the home to speak on the phone?
a) Bathroom
b) Bedroom
c) Kitchen
d) Shed

7. How do you know when a cheat is texting their lover and not friends?
a) They smile
b) They laugh
c) They have a straight face
d) They frown

8. Which of these could give away your partner is hiding something?
a) Changes in sleeping pattern
b) Unexpected weight loss
c) Agitation and uncharacteristic behaviour
d) All of the above

9. If your partner is cheating, their enthusiasm for sex with you is likely to . . . 
a) Increase. They will initiate it more than ever
b) Stay the same
c) Decrease. It becomes non-existent
d) Vary from week to week

10. Where is a cheat most likely to charge their phone in the house?
a) Bedside table
b) Kitchen
c) Living room
d) Beside them

11. If your partner is cheating, when are they most likely to use their phones or computers? 
a) Often, but they clear the browser history if you ask to borrow it
b) Early mornings and late nights
c) Only during work hours
d) Their device of choice is constantly on

12. Which of these is a cheat most likely to do?
a) Go to bed whenever you do
b) Sleep in a different room
c) Slip into the bedroom much later than you
d) Hit the bedroom earlier than you

13. A cheat is likely to be most interested in . . . 
a) Your schedule for the week with work and friends
b) What time dinner is
c) What time you will be going to bed
d) When the next food shop is planned

  • ANSWERS: 1, A. 2, B. 3, B. 4, D. 5, A. 6, A. 7, A. 8, D. 9, A. 10, D. 11, A. 12, B. 13, A.

Tot up your scores to find out how accurate your ‘straydar’ is

1-4 Out of range

Sally says: “Scoring this low means you might need to tune into the more obvious signs.

“If your companion was usually fairly slack about their personal grooming then all of a sudden is busy preening and pampering themselves, it’s probably not for your benefit.

“Investing in new clothes is a sign of wanting to give the impression they look after themselves, which is always attractive to see.

“Also, smiling at their phones and clearing the history off their laptops without giving you a valid reason should raise major red flags to you.”

5-9 Right frequency

Sally says: “You are not easily fooled but they can make you think twice.

"You may be aware they are not charging their phone on the bedside table but you doubt yourself sometimes.

“Regular trips to the bathroom with phone in hand could be a tell-tale sign too.

"Are they more interested in your schedule? It could be they are working out when to spend time with you before they can vanish.

“You might find it difficult to notice these things because your sex life is better than ever.

"But playing away from home can cause surprising changes in how your partner feels about you sexually.”

10-13 Close to overdrive

Sally says: “Lying is stressful. A cheat will suffer emotionally for lies they tell.

"You will notice their uncharacteristic behaviours that leak out the truth.

"If your straydar is this strong, it could be working overdrive.

"Remember, there could be an innocent explanation so before you ruin a relationship with accusations, speak to your partner about your concerns, focus on how you feel instead of accusing as that will only make them defensive.

“Addressing each other’s differences, or expressing your concerns between you both, can open them up to telling you their truth.”

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