Take this optical illusion test to find out how your brain really works

THE optical illusion test below can give you some insight into how your mind works.

The trick is to answer without hesitating, so you come to a quick conclusion.

For the first image here, select whether the #1 and #2 boxes are the same color.

You can also mark down that you are unsure.

For image two, take a close look at where the lines intersect on the grid.

Make a decision if the dots where the lines intersect are white, black, or note if you're undecided.

For image number three, you're taking a close look at the pattern below.

Does the pattern appear to be moving clockwise, counter clockwise, or are you undecided?

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The next image is designed to test shape interpretation.

Note what the first thing you notice in the below image is.

Note if you see a duck or a rabbit first.

You can also say that you see neither.

The following test is designed to analyze perception.

Take a look at the red circles in the image below.

Are the circles the same size or a different size?

You can also select undecided for this question.

If you tended to choose the second option in the quiz, that means you are right brained.

People who are right brained are naturally creative, with active imaginations.

These people are drawn to art, performance, and music, and often like to be spontaneous.

If you tended to choose the first option, that means you are left brained.

The left brain is the more logical side, so these people tend to be more careful.

If your answers were mixed, you likely have a healthy balance of left brain and right brain.

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