Tesco worker reveals how you can get FREE bags for life 'forever' & it's blowing shoppers' minds

LET'S be honest – it's a good day if we remember to take one of our hundreds of plastic bags to the supermarket with us.

But after congratulating ourselves for being so organised, there's nothing worse than getting to the checkout and realising that your Bag for Life actually has an enormous rip down the side.

Well if this has ever happened to you in Tesco, then one worker has revealed how you can get replacement bags for FREE.

Sharing her life hack on TikTok, Tesco employee Hannah Lowther claimed shoppers can get Bags for Life "forever" if they return their broken bags in store.

"A little fun Tesco fact for you," she said. "The famous Bags for Life is literally a bag for life."

She continued: "So you buy a 20p Bag for Life and if it breaks, you bring it into the store and we'll recycle it.

"And give you a brand new bag for free. Hence the name: bag for LIFE."

The video has racked up almost 70,000 "likes" on TikTok and left shoppers stunned.

"I work at Tesco and I didn't even know this," one replied.

"Nope," another added. "I never knew this!"

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "It irritates me when customers think their whole weekly shop will fit in one bag and gets annoyed when it rips. It's a plastic bag not a magic suitcase!"

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