The Best Colors To Wear If You’re A Winter Color Palette

If you’re a winter color palette, you might just be wondering what colors best suit your icy skin tone. As explained by 30 Day Sweater, winter complexions are known for blue or pink undertones, with high contrasts between their hair, eyes, and skin. While eyes can range from dark to light, winter palettes usually feature deep medium brown to jet black hair, but can also be almost-white platinum blond. Celebrities with a winter color range include Anne Hathaway, Katy Perry, and Lucy Liu. Sound familiar? Here’s everything you need to know about the best colors for a winter palette.

Winters are defined by their sharp contrasts, and generally look best in white, black, and jewel tones (via 30 Day Sweater). While that sounds simple enough, there are actually four kinds of winter complexions, with a distinct range of colors to best suit them. Whether you’re a true winter, bright winter, cool winter, or dark winter, these subcategories accommodate everyone with an icy palette.

As described by Kettlewell Colours, true winter tones are “high-contrast” with dark hair and cool-toned, usually light eyes. The Concept Wardrobe describes the skin tone as “brilliant” with a frosty coolness. In no way warm, true winters are what most people think of when they think winter complexions, and can be seen on Zooey Deschanel. The colors that best suit true winters are jewel tones such as berry red, emerald green, cobalt blue, or stark black and white. These shades will all highlight a true winter’s distinct contrasts.

Best colors for winter palettes

As highlighted by The Concept Wardrobe, bright winters feature the highest contrast of all, blending spring and winter palettes like Megan Fox. Skin and hair have cool undertones, with striking, bright eyes. The skin is neutral or neutral-cool, so both gold and silver look great on you. There is slightly more warmth here than in true winters, meaning bright winters can look like springs with sparkling blue to hazel eyes, and neutral blond to dark hair. According to Kettlewell Colours, bright winters’ best colors are shocking pink, azure, icy gray, and acid yellow.

The next winter subcategory is cool winter, which Kettlewell Colours describes as being sultry with a deeper coloring. Think Krysten Ritter or Lupita Nyong’o, with darker hair and cool hazel or dark eyes. Still icy in overall complexion, you are probably a cool winter if warm colors bring out your complexion’s yellow tones. While you should veer away from warm shades, charcoal, deep indigo, navy, burgundy, and pale gray will look amazing on you.

Lastly, dark winters are on the warmer end of the spectrum, and can often be mistaken for cool autumns (via Kettlewell Colours). You scream depth, with olive, neutral, or neutral-cool skin, and darker hair with hints of red like Anne Hathaway (via The Concept Wardrobe). The eyes are dark, with hints of amber, olive, or deep blue. Still high contrast and cooler than autumns, you look best in colors like stone, mole gray, pine green, or cassis.

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