The eight surprising things in your home that make you common according to an expert – and doorbell says a lot about you

WE’RE all guilty of silently judging our friends and families’ homes when we pay a visit, and our guests are just as partial to a snoop too.

And according to one expert we should be wary about what we have on display as it can say a lot about our class.

Originally from Germany Detlev Piltz became fascinated with the English class system when staying with former Prime Minister Theresa May in 1961 at the age of 16.

He went on to write England – A Class of Its Own An Outsider's View and claims to this day that a heavy class divide exists in the UK.

In what he calls ‘soft markers’ are what differentiates the upper from the lower class, and these markers can be found all over your home, Piltz tells the Daily Mail.

Rings true

According to Plitz the first indicator comes before you even cross the threshold with a simple doorbell belonging to those of a higher class while the lower class will opt for a ‘chiming’ sound.

on Class

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Messy masterpiece

And while you might anticipate that a well-kept home would be the marker of higher standing, Plitz says that upper class homes are “shabby, frayed and unkempt” while the opposite is true of the lower class who keep things “clean, neat and pristine.”

Boxed away

Your TV should be out of sight or absent entirely if you want to give off an air of superiority rather than having it as a focal point.

Say it right

The location of your TV should be referred to as the sitting room or drawing room rather than the lounge, front room or living room.

Smell the coffee

When serving visitors coffee you should be pouring it from a cafetiere rather than pushing a button on a fancy coffee machine.

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Cook up a storm

If you are serving guests dinner you should be referencing Constance Spry, Mrs Beeton and Mary Berry over celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and James Martin.


Guests wishing to spend a penny should not expect to see bright blue water in your toilet bowl and loo roll should be white and never quilted.

Piltz says that even the location of your home can say a huge amount about your class.

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He tells the Mail: “Your address is a hard class marker par excellence and certain counties are classier than others, in particular Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Norfolk, Berkshire, Dorset, Herefordshire, East Sussex and Northumberland.

“The most exclusive addresses in England are the shortest: no need for house number, street name, town or county.”

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