The Sun comes to the rescue after Towie star Arg's recent fashion fails

HE is better known for his fiery romance with Gemma Collins and shifting shape than his sense of style.

And Towie’s James “Arg” Argent suffered a full-on fashion fail last month when he was snapped in a garish cardigan with clutch bag and geeky glasses.

We thought his wardrobe could do with a helping hand — and luckily, he agreed.

Arg, 31, said: “I do get criticised for my cardis. I thought I was being all trendy because I was in France for Paris Fashion Week, but it ended up being disastrous.”

He saw the funny side, though, as Arg later posted a picture on Instagram of himself in the offending outfit next to frumpy film character Mrs Doubtfire.

He told us: “I looked like a cross between her and Mrs Brown, which wasn’t the look I was going for.”

And he revealed his reality star girlfriend Gemma, 38, who travelled with him to Paris, may have a dark sense of humour.

He said: “Gemma told me I looked good in it, but now I’m not sure whether she was in on the wind-up.”

A clutch bag is quite the sartorial statement for blokes, but Arg explained: “I need to keep my iPad, passport, head- phones, card holder, keys and inhalers in it, as I’m constantly on the go.

“I get stick because I’m seen with it all the time — and it’s Gucci, darling.”

It might have been Gucci, but it just goes to show that designer labels do not always equal good fashion sense.

We put Arg in six high street looks that suit curvy blokes — and he and Gemma gave their verdicts. . .

Arg says: “I love the suit. I would usually put a handkerchief and tie with it, but I like that it’s summery and still smart.”

Gemma says: “James always looks good in a suit. He looks body confident and happy.

  • Navy suit, £99, M&S Big & Tall – buy now
  • White shirt, £16, Plus Size – buy now
  • Black shoes, £19.99, New Look – buy now

Arg says: “This is my least favourite. It’s trendy and casual but the blue jumper doesn’t do me any favours.”
Gemma says: “I like this, he doesn’t normally dress this way.”

  • Burgundy jacket, £50, River Island – buy now
  • Blue jumper, £35, M&S Big & Tall – buy now
  • Navy trousers, £19.50, M&S Big & Tall – buy now
  • Trainers, £69.95, Adidas at Schuh – buy now

Arg says: “This was nice, slimming and comfortable.”

Gemma says: “I love James in navy – it really suits him.”

  • Navy shirt, £17.99, New Look Plus Size – buy now
  • Navy trousers, £19.50, M&S Big & Tall – buy now
  • Navy jacket, £69, M&S Big & Tall – buy now
  • White trainers, £39.99, Office – buy now

Arg says: “The jumper isn’t very flattering on me but I still quite like it.”

Gemma says: “I’m not feeling the green, sorry.”

  • Green shirt, £15, – buy now
  • Black Chelsea boots, £25, – buy now
  • Green jumper, £19.99, New Look Plus Size – buy now
  • Black trousers, £19.50, M&S Big & Tall – buy now

Arg says: “I love the mac, it suits me. I like a bit of beige.”

Gemma says: “Love this, James looks good in a mac.”

  • Trench coat, £75, River Island – buy now
  • Denim shirt, £19.99, Plus Size – buy now
  • Navy trousers, £19.50, M&S Big & Tall – buy now
  • Navy Chelsea boots, £45, Debenhams – buy now


Arg says: “I’ve got something like this at home, this look is pretty cool.”

Gemma says: “Tony Soprano eat your heart out. This is definitely my favourite.”

  • Camel coat, £75, Plus Size – buy now
  • Grey jumper, £35, M&S Big & Tall – buy now
  • Black trousers, £19.50, M&S Big & Tall – buy now
  • Black Chelsea boots, £20, Charles Southwell – buy now

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