There's an embarrassing spelling mistake on this piece of home decor… can you spot it?

WE HAVE some advice for you – before buying a piece of homeware with a quote on it, double check it's spelled correctly.

Because as one Twitter user recently found out, you could be missing an awkward mistake.

Kevin C. Burns – from Tampa Bay, Florida – spotted a pretty awful decor error on Friday, sharing a photo of a wall plaque on display in a US shop.

The hanging featured the words: "Familes are forever. Always in your heart. Memories to last a lifetime. Inspiration & dreams. Love & laughter. Years of joy."

And yes, we meant to write "Familes"… because that's exactly what the hanging said.

Kevin captioned the image: "What is a famile? #YouHadOneJob #WhyDoesItStillCost7Dollars."

To be honest, it's no worse than the embarrassing typo spotted in Primark a few days ago.

An eagle-eyed shopper noticed a misspelled word in one of the chain's weekly planners, with Saturday harbouring a rogue "e" between the "r" and "d".

Grace – from Bristol – tweeted: "Erm @Primark am I missing something or is this a huge typo… On every copy of this product?"

Perhaps the two retailers should share a proofreader.

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