There’s a new app just for people who went to private school . . . and it’s called Toffee

Or, heaven forbid, someone who went to their local secondary school.

That’s just one of the many problems toffs face on regular apps, but thankfully a dating app exclusively for people who went to private school is here.

Toffee Dating claims people from similar backgrounds are more likely to stick together, so have helpfully created an app where wealthy people who went to Eton and the like can find each other.

Think Sloane Rangers meets the cast of Made in Chelsea.

The waiting list for the app, which launches this spring, opens later this month and those who are first in line will benefit from ‘toffee treats’.

These include nights out at celebrity haunts Mahiki and Embargo, and hospitality at Chestertons Polo in the Park.

And the top rated ‘ladies and gentlemen’ will be treated to a date – in a Porsche.

The app claims to have two unique features – personal interest and attribute "sliders" – where people can rank how important things are to them, such as sports.

And they can then specify, saying which sports or social events they’re most likely to go to.

The app even includes a virtual social calendar you can RSVP to, including events such as the Henley Royal Regatta and BBC Proms.

Handy, as wouldn’t it be ghastly if Ascot clashed with your partner’s polo match?

Toffee says its "sophisticated matching algorithm" will do members "dating homework for them".

Snaps of the app reveal it has a similar set-up to Tinder, with a like and dislike button.

But in addition you can compare preferences, which include things like the city and the countryside.

And if you match with someone, you have the option to "start the courting".

Co-Founder of Toffee, Lydia Davis, said: “So many people looking for a match say they want to meet someone that shares their interests and background.

“Among the many apps out there, there isn’t one for people who were privately educated, so Toffee can fill that space.

“It’s about bringing people together who are compatible and have lots in common.”

Available only on the Apple store, the app will be free for six months after its launch.

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