There's now one McDonald's restaurant that serves all the best dishes from the global menus

Too many. That's how many. The struggle is all too real.

The Halloumi McMuffin, the McVegan and the Festive Pie are all menu items us Brits have missed out on as they weren't available on our shores. Sigh.

Well McDonald's have heard the cry and now they have set up a restaurant where you can order all the best bits from the global menu.

BUT… (as always) there's a catch. Ugh. This magic restaurant where McDreams come true is in the States. Chicago to be precise.

First the Windy City got Ferris Bueller's Day Off and now this. Where is the justice?

The one-of-a-kind fast food joint is based at the new Maccies' HQ and it s serving up some cracking dishes.

The menu is offered on rotation but will feature Canada's Mighty Angus Burger and Hong Kong's McSpicy Chicken Sandwich.

They'll also be France's Mozza Salad and The Manhattan – also available in France.

But that's not the best news – they've also got THOSE Cheese & Bacon Loaded Fries from Australia – the very same ones we have been petitioning for in the UK!

And to round that off nicely they've also got Brazilian pud the McFlurry Prestígio.

A quick check on Skyscanner revealed that direct flights to Chicago will set you back about £420. Worth it? Nah… that would be silly. Or would it..?

Recently we brought you the news that McDonald’s were selling chicken nuggets for breakfast… but there was a catch then too.

Plus in related news, Americans have just discovered the humble chip butty, and Brits are in stiches at their shocked reactions.

While this mum claims she accidentally sent her son to school in this VERY rude Maccies T-shirt.

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