These $20 Jeans Never Give Me a Muffin Top, So I'm Ditching My Designer Denim

These $20 Jeans Never Give Me a Muffin Top, So I’m Ditching My Designer Denim

My biggest problem with jeans? The dreaded muffin top. I have wide hips, so finding a style that doesn’t cause my stomach or sides to spill over is tough. Can a girl tuck her shirt in without feeling like she’s encased in saran wrap? My confidence levels recently soared when I headed to Old Navy for a fitting room try on. I had never tried the brand’s denim before, but I was definitely curious to see how it fit.

Fast forward one hour, and I walked away from the cash register with these Old Navy High-Waisted Light Stone-Washed Slim Wide-Leg Jeans ($20, originally $40). They are so freakin’ flattering, people. I slipped them on and they button over my stomach with ease, fitting snugly without squeezing or pinching. I bought a size 12, which is my typical choice for bottoms, so they’re true to size.

Not only do these jeans fit well, but they’re also smoothing and a great cut. They have a bit of elastic in them, which makes the material really comfortable, too. Luckily, even with the built-in stretch, they don’t bag out after wearing them all day. The wider leg is cute because it can easily be dressed up or down. I found a winner! I could definitely wear a bodysuit or tucked-in shirt with these jeans and feel amazing.

Read on for a closer shot of the denim on me, then shop my exact pair and similar styles. Sizes are already selling out, so do yourself a favor and just buy them before I take them all for myself.

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