This Celebrity Lash Expert Gave Me the Best Beauty Advice of My Life

My big eyes are my favorite feature, but I've struggled with mascara my whole life. It's not necessarily that I can't find one that I like. At any given time, you're likely to find at least 15 mascara tubes in my makeup vanity, ranging from the drugstore option Blake Lively loves to a splurge-worthy luxe option by Chanel. It's more so the effort it takes to apply five coats just right, just to spend five minutes scrubbing it all off with micellar water at the end of the night. No one talks about the time investment of mascara. It's exhausting.  

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After years, and hundreds of tubes of $9 L'Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara, I've dreamed of getting eyelash extensions, but I was too scared and skeptical about the process. Then, nearly every single beauty editor I've ever spoken to couldn't stop talking about celebrity lash expert Clementina Richardson. Richardson is the founder of Envious Lashes, which every beauty editor, influencer, and fashion girl in the know will tell you is the only place to get your lashes done. She's obviously also an InStyle beauty boss, her lash advice is touted as the beauty bible (IYKYK), and her products are the holy grail. When I finally decided to pay her a visit, she told me the most revolutionary lash advice I've ever heard in my entire life and gave me the most incredible eyelash extension set ever. 

Having never gotten eyelash extensions before, I was nervous at first, but Richardson immediately put me at ease as she walked me through the process on the third floor of her salon on E 42nd Street. Richardson studied my face quickly and suggested I get a "Forced Cat Eye," which is her signature style. As a cat eye enthusiast, I knew I had to get it, and an hour later when everything was done, I gasped. My eyelashes had never looked so voluminous or long, and I was so happy I wanted to cry. 

Richardson's process is far from simple, and it's an artform she's mastered over the years, perfecting the eyelashes of celebrities like Mary J. Blige. But when she tries to explain it to me, it sounds easy. She applies the lashes so that the outer corners of the eyes appear to turn upward, thus giving them an almond appearance. Richardson even commented that I looked younger, which I agree with. The lash extensions snatched my face in a way I didn't know possible. 

Every person I run into compliments my lashes almost instantly these days and decides to make their Envious Lashes appointment ASAP, as they should. But when my busy schedule got the best of me recently, I had to wait a little while for a refill, and decided to test out Richardson's beauty advice at home. 

Instead of curling my entire lash line, I focused mostly on my outer lashes with my trusty $9 eyelash curler. I put additional pressure on the lashes in the corner of my eye so that they tilted up slightly more than the others. Then I prepped my lashes with L'Oreal's Voluminous Lash Boosting Primer. It has over 27,000 Amazon reviews for a reason, and it always gives my lashes instant lift and added length. 

I applied an extra amount on the corner lashes, in an attempt to mimic Richardon's signature forced cat eye. Once it dried, I went in with a couple of coats for L'Oreal's famous Lash Paradise Mascara, once again putting additional emphasis on the corner lashes, which I applied extra coats to. Richardson's advice held up, and I truly don't know how I've lived without it. Forced cat eye or die, basically, is my new beauty mantra. 

Naturally, nothing can compare to the legendary magic of Envious Lashes eyelash extensions, and I've gone ahead and made an appointment for next week. But if you aren't in New York, or need an at-home alternative, listening to Richardson's beauty advice is absolutely the next best thing. And thankfully, everything you could possibly need to apply this celebrity lash expert-approved tip to your routine is available on Amazon below.

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