This is what really happens to your walls if you smoke – and prepare to be horrified

A COUPLE showed the horrific effects of smoking for years in your home when they washed the walls of their new apartment which had previously housed a smoker.

In a shocking clip TikTokers Emily and Luke showed how nicotine stained their walls were, and you can even see where there had been pictures on the wall.

They then wiped down the previously white walls and the resulting brown water will have you disgusted.

In the video Emily said: "We're ready to clean the walls of our apartment.

"The walls have been stained with nicotine from many years of smoking inside and you can even see the outline of the picture frames on the wall which I think shows just how bad it really is.

"We spoke to quite a few painters and they suggested using sugar soap to clean the walls and that's what we did.

"We cleaned every wall about three or four times each to make sure we got out as much of the nicotine as we could and you can see how brown and dirty it is when we're cleaning.

"Here's my husband cleaning the ceilings as well we made sure we did them too as we knew a lot of the nicotine would have seeped in there.

"And this is the colour of the water just from cleaning one small part of the wall it was so brown and dirty.

"And now that we've cleaned all the walls we will seal them with a high quality blocker to make sure that any of the left over stain doesn't seep through and the walls will stay beautiful and white."

The short video was uploaded to TikTok with the caption: "Cleaning the nicotine stains from the walls."


Clean fans flocked to admire the hard work with the clip getting more than 5k likes and hundreds of responses.

One person said: "So glad you sealed it! So many people on here forget that part."

Another said: "I was wondering how you guys would clean that! Sugar soap is amazing!"

While a third said: "I can't believe that picture frame outline I thought it was different coloured patches of paint!"

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