Thrifty life of Rachel Riley who refuses to buy anything online without a voucher code and gets her groceries in Lidl – The Sun

SHE'S A Countdown presenter with an ex-Strictly dancer husband – but Rachel Riley doesn't live a showbiz lifestyle.

The 33-year-old star – who has just welcomed a baby girl with Pasha Kovalev – is as thrifty as you'd expect of an Oxford maths graduate who is famed for her impressive brainpower.

Rachel, who followed in Carol Vorderman's footsteps on the iconic Channel 4 show in 2008 when she was just 22 and is now worth an estimated £3.4m according to Spears, has spoken in the past about all the ways she stays sensible when it comes to her finances.

The new mum – who met her other half while starring in the 2013 series of Strictly Come Dancing – keeps costs down by only shopping online with a voucher code andshopping for groceries in Lidl, as well as other money-saving measures…

Uses online voucher codes

Rachel isn't one to be easily swindled out of her hard-earned TV salary – which started at less than £40k, not the reported £100k, when she was catapulted into the public eye.

"I don’t like paying over the odds, and I never go overdrawn," she told the Daily Telegraph in 2015.

"I also like to think I’m quite a savvy shopper. If I need something, I’ll use websites like and moneysavingexpert to see if there’s a voucher.

"We have Martin Lewis [MoneySavingExpert] on Countdown quite a lot and he’s always talking about ways of saving money and getting cashback. If it’s available, then why not?"

Shops in Lidl

Shortly after beginning her break-through role, the star was spotted stocking up on groceries in none other than Lidl.

Rachel was snapped at the checkout with then-partner Jamie Gilbert in one of their Essex stores.

The German supermarket is revered for its low prices – something definitely on the Countdown favourite's radar.

Spreadsheets to track spending

It's unsurprising that the presenter takes as meticulous an approach to household money-flow as she does tallying up consonants and vowels.

"Pasha doesn’t do any of the finances!" she told Love Money last year.

"I’m the savvy shopper – I make spreadsheets to track what we spend.

"I think in relationships that one person should take the lead when it comes to finance.

"Otherwise, you’ve got two people doing different things – they don’t know what the other person’s doing."

Renting her home

Rachel and Jamie – who she wed in 2012 – split after a year of marriage, following her appearance on Strictly in 2013.

But using her financial nous, she decided not to buy a new property straight away.

After selling her marital home, she also told the Telegraph why she decided to rent a one-bed flat in west London where property prices are high.

"I’d never lived by myself, or in London. I could have tried to buy something straight away, but I didn’t know where I wanted to live and how I was going to finance it by myself," she explained.

"Eventually, I’d like to own a property, just for security."

At the time, she revealed that her annual rent was well under what the stamp duty would have been for a property in the area.

She eventually bought a house, also in west London, which is worth £600,000 according to Hello!.

Wardrobe funded by work

Since joining Countdown, Rachel has been given a generous clothes budget for work – meaning she doesn't need to go trawling the shops herself.

Initially, the star was given £10,000-a-year to spend on frocks, admitting to the Telegraph in the same interview that when she went hunting for outfits for her first 15-episode block that "it felt like that scene out of Pretty Woman where she has all those bags".

It's now £14,000-a-year, which she describes as a "huge perk", explaining "it’s for my clothes that I wear on the series – we do about 225 episodes a year. If anything gets retired, we give it to charity".

Rachel also gets gifted a lot of products for free – which, during her pregnancy, involved being sent bag after bag of babywear.

A post shared by Rachel Riley (@rachelrileyrr)

She thanks individual brands on Instagram, and revealed in one post that she was making a charity donation to "pay it forward".

No wedding dress

Rachel decided to go without a traditional white wedding dress when she married Pasha in June of this year in a secret low-key Las Vegas ceremony.

Instead, the star wore an elegant red and cream frock with nude heels and held an understated bouquet.

With wedding dresses costing £1,313 on average, the presenter made a serious saving.

However, the couple are likely to have splurged a bit on getting hitched in the US city…

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