Tired of looking tired? This is the surprise kitchen cupboard ingredient that can banish those dark circles

We’ve all had mornings when our eyes give away just how tired we feel and many of us suffer with dark circles, despite getting enough sleep.

But, if religiously applying the latest must-have eye cream isn’t helping, it seems that a certain store cupboard staple may do the trick – and it comes down to eating it, rather than slathering it on our skin.

Experts now say that what you eat is more important than what you apply.

And, when it comes to getting rid of puffy peepers, it seems that a healthy dose of barley is a must.

It turns out that the grain can stimulate the stem cells in the thin skin under our eyes to grow thicker collagen – which then leads to tighter, younger looking skin.

There are some skincare brands that have started using barley in their products, but there is mounting evidence that including more barley in your diet will leave you better off.

For example, barley is rich in zinc, which helps repair skin quickly, and, according to experts, it is also highly healing and rejuvenating.

Time to stock up?

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