Tricky optical illusion challenges you to find the hidden number – only 40% can see it, so will you get it right? | The Sun

RECKON you are more eagle-eyed than the average person?

A new tricky optical illusion is challenging people to find the hidden number in this green pattern, and many are struggling.

The colour challenge, created by Rainbow Riches Casino, has hidden two digits in this illusion.

The puzzle was tested out on a sample group, and only 40 per cent were able to spot the number, so will you be one of them?

Why not try this with your friends and see who comes out as the winner.

If you still need some help there are a few hints that could give you a clue.

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When a married couple reaches this many years of marriage, it is known as their Pearl Wedding Anniversary. 

Or if that doesn’t help, in Back to The Future, Marty McFly travelled this number of years back in time. 

Scroll down to reveal the hidden number if you still need guidance…

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