Trolls mocked my engagement online before I’d told my family and friends – yes it was cringy but that’s not the point | The Sun

A WOMAN was left horrified when cruel trolls mocked her engagement – and made it viral – before she had the chance to tell her friends and family. 

Linn Ekebom was ecstatic when her girlfriend organised a flash mob of dancers and popped the big question on Saturday.

The 28-year-old watched as Shannon McGee, 29, performed alongside a troop of dancers to Bruno Mars’ Marry You.

The entertaining proposal took place in a public park by a water fountain, meaning it was open for anyone to watch and record. 

And one onlooker decided to publish a video of the performance to mock Linn and Shannon, with the now-deleted post attracting hundreds of cruel comments. 

Once she saw the “nasty” remarks about her proposal being “cringy” and “embarrassing”, Linn spoke out.

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She took to Tik Tok where the engaged couple's special moment went viral.

Linn said: “I wasn’t sure if I was gonna address this but it has been bugging me for the past couple of days, so I figured I would.

“So, yesterday my girlfriend proposed to me at Central Park.

“It was amazing, it was cute, it was well thought out.

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“It was cringy, it was embarrassing – all that good stuff a proposal was supposed to be.

“And I had an amazing day… until I got back to the hotel later that night and was informed that our proposal had gone viral.

“And I was like, ‘oh, that’s super cute, let’s check out the video’.”

Shannon decided to put together a performative proposal because the lovebirds share a passion for musical theatre.  

They are in a long distance relationship and met a year ago in Central Park, New York – where the proposal took place.

Linn lives in Finland, while Shannon lives on the other side of the US in Florida, and they were spending a romantic weekend together in the big apple.

Linn thought the video was “sweet” at first before she listened a little harder to the person behind the camera being negative.

Once the video was posted, nasty comments rolled in en masse and Linn slammed the “younger generation” for having “no regards to other people’s feelings”.

She said: “If you see cute things, or fun things, or weird things, and you want to post about it like, okay, go for it – that’s what social media is for.

“But I get upset about the fact that people are so nasty.”

Linn was confused by people’s willingness to bash her proposal without considering whether she might be on social media herself and see their comments. 

What’s more, the video went viral before she had the chance to tell her friends and family the good news. 

Linn was then worried that the couple’s loved ones across the globe would wake up and see nasty things written about them before they’d even spoken about the engagement.

One of Linn’s friends even sent her the video to congratulate her. 

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She added in the Tik Tok caption: “Please be kind to people. 

“And especially to my amazing fiancé because she did not deserve to see all that hate.”

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