Trolls say I’m an awful mum because I never buy my son birthday presents – he won’t remember so why bother? | The Sun

A FIRST-TIME mum has faced foul trolls after she claimed she won’t buy her son any birthday presents.

Myer isn’t giving her little boy any gifts for his first birthday and why other mums say she’s awful, she has good reason. 

Myer decided to share her decision online and doesn’t worry about what other parents think. 

In the short clip on her social media, she wrote: “Reasons I won’t be buying my child any first birthday gifts.” 

Myer shared a picture of herself on a train, grinning happily into the camera and cradling her baby boy who was sleeping on her shoulder. 

She goes on to show off a selection of sweet snaps of her son, from paddling in a water park, pretending to push a lawn mower, exploring a lake and playing at home with his dad.

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Her first reason she won’t be gifting her son presents is: “He’s not going to remember.” 

Myer’s son won’t go without, though. 

Instead of showering him with gifts, the mum has thrown her money into organising a birthday party. 

And, like many young families, she explained: “We don’t have the space for loads of new things.”

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Many mums will know too well the joy a toddler gets from playing with a box and not the actual toy that came in it – and Myer feels the same. 

She wrote: “The box that the toy comes in is more entertaining to him than the toy itself.” 

Myer is lucky to have a large family and while she’s an independent woman who doesn’t rely on others, she knows her son will be drowning in their gifts on his birthday. 

She wrote: “He has a huge family that I know will spoil him.” 

Myer’s son is by no means deprived, as she added: “He never goes without and he is bought new things weekly.” 

She also claimed that toys are outgrown too quickly and she wants to teach him that ‘things’ don’t mean happiness. 

She added: “We’re taking him on holiday so we can make memories together instead.” 

While tonnes of fellow mums praised Myer’s attitude and agreed with her reasons, others weren’t so kind. 

One user replied: “I don’t understand when people say “oh they won’t remember”. I will. And that’s why I’ll go all out.”

A second commented: “I have to disagree, no hate but I couldn’t ever not get my son anything.”

A third argued: “You can't say you won't buy him presents cause he won't remember because he won't remember a holiday or a party. Toys he will play with for a while.”

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And a fourth revealed: “Things bring me happiness.” 

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