Two Etsy stores are selling replicas of Princess Diana's famous sweatshirts

Amid the many iconic photographs of Princess Diana, there are a few that have permeated into the popular fashion culture of today.

While her royal style was classic and elegant, she also had a penchant for sportswear.

And those looks are still replicated in 2021.

One of her most classic rotated outfits was a pair of biker shorts with a simple oversized sweatshirt and ‘dad’ trainers.

Sound familiar? Well, that’s because almost every fashion influencer worth their salt has worn similar in recent years.

However, now you can buy and wear exact replicas of Princess Diana’s famous sweatshirts.

Two Etsy shops called VinTOfficial and Stay and Design are currently selling imitations of the pieces at prices that won’t dent your bank account.

Priced between £22.83 and £32.58, you can purchase either the famous ‘Fly Virgin Atlantic’ garment or the time-honoured ‘USA’ sweatshirt.

The jumpers are a steal but does that mean the quality isn’t up to scratch?

Well, according to Etsy commenters, this is a negative.

‘The sweaters are perfect. The quality of them is fantastic,’ wrote one user.

‘The sweatshirt is great quality! Seller is very responsive and helpful with issues!’ said another.

One buyer said wearing the jumper was a tribute of sorts.

‘I’ve worn this once already and have gotten so many compliments, many that are a tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales,’ explained the buyer.

When wearing these pieces out and about in the world, you can pair with biker shorts in an ode to the Princess of Wales and the style of that time.

But if you want to update the look and remove it from the vintage spectrum, wear over some wide-leg jeans and white trainers.

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