We test out some healthy, low-calorie snack options plus nourishing lip protectors

The average Brit now eats crisps, nuts or popcorn seven times a week – with 75 per cent even having a nibble in bed.

But are there healthier options? We look at some ‘healthy’ snacks on the market, plus we check nourishing lip protection to help get you through winter . . .


These sound ridiculous but taste great.

Made from organic chickpeas (39 per cent) that have been puffed up with quinoa, tapioca and rice flour and turned into crisps.

Gluten free, vegan, high in fibre and protein and come in different flavours.

Best-seller, Sweet & Smokin’, is now in multipacks.

Each 15g bag is just 61kcal but has a huge 16.9 per cent fat.

£1.89 for five bags, hippeas.com.

The perfect snack to keep energy levels high and take away temptation to reach for something sugary.

Munchy Seeds has produced pocket- sized snack packs which come in a range of flavours and contain protein, iron, fibre, vitamins and minerals and are gluten-free and vegetarian.

They are not low in fat – but these are essential fats that are good for your heart.

£2.50, for selection pack of five 25g sachets, munchyseeds.co.uk.

These square shaped snacks are jalapeno and lime flavour and actually have a decent spicy kick to them.

Made of lentil flour and chickpea flour these are quite healthy but still have 23.9 per cent fat – but just 95kcal per 20g bag.

They taste great, crunchy, spicy and they feel substantial and will fill you up.

72p per bag, fairfieldsfarmcrisps.co.uk.


Dr Organic aloe vera lip balm, £3.79  —buy now

Balm formulated with organic aloe vera to help soothe, moisturise and restore dry lips.

Jojoba oil, rich in fatty acids, is added for its hydrating properties, as well as beeswax and vitamin E.

Green in colour but thankfully applies clear. Has a fruity scent and lips were left remarkably soft.

Best of all, ingredients are organic. Can’t go wrong for the price.

Balmkind alpine rose and lysine SPF20 lip balm, £13 —buy now

A natural lip balm created to nourish, soften and protect the lips.

Contains SPF 20 and both UVA and UVB filters for the broadest protection.

Formulated with antioxidant-rich fruit oils and extracts as well as licorice root to soothe and oat lipids to boost hydration.

The balm has a peachy colour and gentle rose fragrance.

Younique Beachfront Kissed lip oil, £18  —buy now

A lip treatment oil infused with real fruit extracts and seeds.

I tried the Cocoa Beach which contained real cocoa pieces and had a delicious chocolatey scent.

Kiwi and coconut versions are also available.

The oil glides on smoothly and leaves a slight gloss finish.

I loved that it kept my lips silky soft and protected from the elements while adding a glam finish, too.

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