My week living like Meghan Markle: sexual potency pills, bee pollen and a £1k a month price tag

And with billions of eyes set to be watching her wedding to Prince Harry this Saturday, she’s in better shape than ever.

From Açaí bowls and bee pollen to red wine and french fries, I decided to live like Ms Markle for the week to see if I too could achieve the physique of a princess.

Day 1

What I ate: I was relieved to learn that Meghan, who is a self-proclaimed "foodie", isn't into restricting foods.

My first morning kicked off with one of her favourite breakfasts – a bowl of steel-cut porridge oats.

Also known as Scottish or Irish oats, they are made when the grains are cut into several pieces with a steel blade – however due to their thickness they take longer to cook.

It's not a quick breakfast – I spent half an hour making them – and I topped it with banana, honey and manuka bee pollen, which supposedly boosts your immune system.

How I felt: Despite the long cooking time, they tasted good – but it was a bit like how I'd imagine a beehive to taste.

I also ate vegan salads for lunch and dinner (Meghan has previously claimed she usually eats vegan on weekdays), and have to admit I woke up the next day feeling hungrier than usual.

Day 2

What I drank: Meg's morning routine includes a mug of hot water and lemon, followed by breakfast and some B12 and Ashwagandha supplements – this became my daily ritual.

According to the experts, the herb Ashwagandha, which features in the Kama Sutra and Meg says "makes it into the mix" of her daily supplements, is both a stress reliever and apparently can increase "sexual potency".

Around the time that my coffee urge kicked-in, I swapped my flat white for a green juice.

Markle once said that her blended concoction of apple, spinach, kale, lemon and ginger “is a much better boost than a cup of espresso". I disagree – it's actually vile.

How I felt: After an hour cooking, then quickly demolishing, my dinner of lentil soup, reality hit that the challenge with Meghan’s diet would not be the flavour of the food (so far most of it had been pretty tasty), but the time taken to make it all, which was frustrating.

I'm also unsure if the supplements really do anything, but I did feel calmer towards the end of the week.

Day 3

What I drank: Today I was trying another of Meghan's favourite smoothies – a "Clean" cleanse vanilla shake with blueberries.

However, I wasn't best pleased about only having a drink for breakfast, as I would be putting my body to the test with an Ultra-Reformer Pilates class.

What I did: I headed over to the Zero Gravity studio in London for the class, which Meghan has previously said is " hands down the best thing you can do for your body.”

Ultra-Reformer Pilates, similar to the "Megaformer" classes Markle took in LA, involve a complex-looking piece of equipment with moving plates and resistance springs.

How I felt: I'd unfairly judged the shake – it was surprisingly filling and I felt prepared for the daunting-looking machines that awaited me.

Every inch of my body was trembling as I performed the strength-focused exercises.

Was it an ode to the intensity of the workout or to my poor level of fitness? Probably both.

Nevertheless, I loved it.

Day 4

What I ate: Having grasped the knack for how to successfully decorate my steel-cut oats and açaí – a berry believed to be a superfood – my meal was insta-worthy – and tasted as good as it looked.

Dinner was what Meghan calls her "sexy, filthy" pasta.

She adopted this healthy, slow-cooked recipe from a friend, and says: "The sauce gets so creamy you'd swear there's tons of butter and oil in it, but it's just zucchini (courgette), water and a little bouillon (broth).”

How I felt: After immensely looking forward to a bowl of carbs, my spaghetti was a bland and wet disappointment.

And to add yet more salt to the wounds, my friends sat next to me tucking into a big bowl of cheesy carbonara.

Healthy pasta? It’s a no from me.

Day 5

What I did: Super-fit Meghan is a big runner, calling it her form of "moving meditation".

So, still feeling the ache from the intense Pilates two days before, I headed out for Megs’ usual six-mile run.

How I felt: Well – let's just say I tried to run, but there was nothing meditative about it.

I was dripping in sweat and panting like my dog. I could only hack four miles (if that) and I walked most of it!

Running is clearly a talent I do not possess.

If it wasn’t for the promise of an indulgent, vegan-free weekend, my boring dinner of falafel salad would have tipped me over the edge.

Day 6 – The weekend!

What I ate: For breakfast, I immediately grabbed the ingredient I’d missed most – eggs.

Before deleting her Instagram account, Markle uploaded numerous pictures of various eggy delights.

So I opted for one of her go-to, post-filming dishes of omelette with cheese and fresh herbs. And after consuming mostly fruit for brekkie, it tasted GREAT.

Fish tacos were on the menu for lunch. Inspired by her love of Californian food, our future princess says her ultimate food day would include the tasty dish cooked on her ceramic grill in her backyard.

And hooray! Finally something quick and easy, but still damn right tasty.

How much does it cost to spend a week living like Meghan?


Freeze dried açaí berry powder £14.55, Amazon

McCann’s steel cut oateal £13.48, Amazon

Bee pollen granules £8.02, Amazon

Raw coconut chips £6.65, Amazon

Vanilla vegan protein powder  £26.58, Amazon

Steen’s Manuka Honey £21.99, Amazon

Bragg Liquid Aminos  £9.99, Amazon

Mango Chia Pudding £2.00, Sainsbury's

Fruit, including watermelon, frozen blueberries and bananas £10.31, Sainsbury's

Veg, including kale, zucchini and spinach £10.39, Sainsbury's

Quinoa £2.00, Sainsbury's

Almond butter £3.00, Waitrose

Falafel and vegetable salad £2.50, Tesco

Chia Seeds £4.00, Sainsbury's

Other foods, including dried root ginger, dried red lentils, and almond butter £24.04



Marchesi Antinori Tignanello wine £35.00, Majestic

Vita Coco Coconut Water  £3.50, Sainsbury's

Alpro Almond Milk  £3.40, Sainsbury's


Meals out

Mediterranean Vegan Sharing Platter £19.00, Okka, HarpendenFries

Tuna and Salmon Sashimi  £10.20, Yo Sushi, Kings Cross

French Fries  £0.99, McDonalds



Zero Gravity Ultra-Reformer Pilates £20.00/session

FRAME Vinyasa Flow class  £14.00/session


Ashwaganda Capsules £7.99, Amazon

B12 Tablets £4.49, Holland & Barrett


GRAND TOTAL: A staggering £278.07 – that's £1112.28 for a month!

What I drank: My state of complete contentedness continued through to the evening when I popped open a bottle of delicious Tignanello – the red wine so adored by Megs that she named her lifestyle blog, The Tig, after it.

How I felt: Having forked out £35 for the cheapest bottle of Tig I could find, I’m relieved to say, it was bloody lovely.

The wine, alongside a bowl of macaroni cheese with peas (Meghan’s childhood favourite), made for a dreamy Saturday evening.

Day 7

What I did: Bendy Meghan says yoga is her "thing"

Mum Doria, who she is extremely close to, is a yoga instructor  – and Meghan started doing mother-and-daughter yoga at the age of seven.

So post-brekkie, I headed to FRAME’s yoga studio in Kings Cross to practise Meghan’s favourite style of yoga, vinyasa flow.

I quickly learned why it was Megs’ number one form of exercise. Welcomed by the calming voice of my instructor, my mind and body was instantly put at ease.

And for those wondering – nope. It’s nowhere near as easy as it looks!

What I ate: No more vegan salads!

My week came to a close with a salute to the happy couple. Yes, the meal over which Harry proposed – a roast chicken dinner.

Paired with Meg's most-loved cheat food, french fries, it was, needless to say, a scrummy end to my experiment.

How I felt: I ended my yoga session with some relaxation poses and a temple massage – and this is what truly won me over.

My body felt worked, restored and then rewarded – in fact, I am a newly-converted yogi.

What's the verdict?

Meghan's diet and exercise regime may be costly and time-consuming.

But she definitely knows how to whip-up some tasty grub (bar a few rogue ones).

Between the long runs, killer Pilates and core-burning yoga, it’s no wonder the former Suits actress has such an enviable, sculpted bod.

I’m not quite there yet. But I do, however, feel it’s had a positive impact on my mindset, though that could be the mystical Ashwagandha talking?

So do I have the body of a princess? Not quite. But I now have the mind of one.

And as for my sexual potency? The herbs didn't have an affect as far as I could tell – although maybe a week was too short for it to properly kick in.

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