We’re gypsy sisters here’s how to clean, cook and dress like a traveller… plus parenting tips YOU can use

SELF-PROCLAIMED gypsy sisters, Kayla, Nettie, and Mellie from West Virginia, US, love sharing their lifestyle.

And the sisters have revealed what it takes to live like a traveller and be the perfect gypsy housewife.

First of all, it's all about how to cook, clean and the bling, as looking the part is just as important.

The first step is making sure your house is as clean as possible, the sisters love pine cleaner to make their home smell fresh and call it a 'gypsy tradition'.

Kayla, takes us through a step-by-step process on TLC, as to how she gets her home spik and span.

Kayla insists everything in her kitchen should be bleached, and goes as far as to bleach her kitchen at least two to three times a day.


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The mum even admitted: "When my babies were little, I cleaned all their bottles in bleach water."

Cleaning the couch is of the highest priority, as Kayla explains: "That's where all the congregation goes down, which means it needs to be the cleanest."

Kayla uses hot water and pine cleaner to scrub her couch down with a hard-bristled brush.

Not only does it make it clean but Kayla adds it 'fluffs the couch' so it looks brand new.

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She said: "Being a gypsy mother and a housewife, we stay on top of our game, keep everything out of the way.

"So keeping it clean and keeping up with everything that comes along with the homes a big upkeep, but well worth it."

Now Kayla has cleaned the couch, she uses fabric softener mixed with water to keep the couch smelling fresh using the same brush.

The sisters also said cooking was a big part of being a gypsy housewife and had a variety of recipes they knew to keep their families fed.

Another important part of being a gypsy housewife is looking the part, and the sisters, Nettie and Millie, decided to demonstrate how to get the look on a producer of the show.

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One of the first steps is to tie a knot in the front of your top to show off a little tummy, it's also important to wear your belt just below your hips, and a blingy belt will add extra glamour.

Next is makeup, where the sisters use an airbrush foundation to create a flawless base, which they call 'the gypsy secret'.

Bling is super important, and bracelets are the perfect accessory, as you can stack them up.

By the end of the makeover, the producer was shocked by her transformation.

The sisters also revealed some of their favourite parenting tips.

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"Love them, be really hard and firm, but with girls, you also have to be a friend that way you know everything that's going on in their lives." Kayla said.

She explains that a good way to do this was to take them out to get their nails done and to make sure they dress classy.

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