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BUYING denim clothes can be hit or miss, either you look effortlessly cool or can hardly squeeze in to them at all.

Four fashion fans decided to put Primark's denim to the test to see what it really looks like of different sizes.

The girls range from size 4 – 18 and were surprised by the way some of the clothes actually fit them.

First group tried on a black denim skirt, although Audrey, who is usually a size 18, and Mary, who is usually a size 8, both had to size up because their normal size wasn't in stock.

Because of this, both of their skirts were a little bit too big around the waist, but Audrey's was also way too short and barely covered her bum at all.

The skirt was too short for Debbie, size 12, too, she said: "If I was to bend over you could see my a*se."

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Size 4 Fads said: "If you're a petite babe it fits!"

Next they tried on a blue denim dress and Debbie was a fan of the style but the other girls weren't convinced it looked good before they even tried it on.

The dress cost £17, "It's not worth it for Primark," they agreed.

Mary looked great in the dress, but for everyone else it was either too tight or too long and Debbie couldn't even do the zip up all the way.

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The girls gave a different denim dress a go, this time going for an blue colour.

Again, they found that the skirt worked well for the two smaller sizes, but size 12 Debbie and size 18 Audrey couldn't get it past their hips.

Debbie said: "It's standard that it doesn't fit us with the hips and the bums.

She recommended sizing up if you're on the more curvy side and still want to wear the skirt.

The group also tried on some dungarees and on size 4 Mary they looked just baggy enough to look cool and be comfortable without completely drowning her.

The rest of the girls weren't happy with the fit at all, and Audrey couldn't even get them on properly.

Finally, they tried on a pair of basic high-waisted jeans, which Fads said reminded her of the classic Topshop Joni jeans, but much cheaper.

Debbie again told viewers to size up if they had a bit of a bum or hips, since they were quite tight on her and only went half way up Audrey's bum.

Debbie said: "We sized Mary up because they didn't have her size and they fit perfectly on her.

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"It doesn't on me, I have a nice bum and it looks flat."

She added that one of her friends "fit into a size 18 in Primark and she's a size 12."

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