We’re sleep experts, there are loads of easy ways to stop snoring – and how often you wash your bedding IS important

GETTING a good night's sleep is vital to having a productive day.

But if or your partner snores you're probably running on empty and can't remember the last time you got your eight hours.

Luckily, sleep experts have shared their top tips for snorers, and they're more simple than you might think.

The position you sleep in might be doing you more harm than good, and not just for aches and pains.

Narwan Amini, a sleep expert from Eachnight.com says that you shouldn't tuck your chin into your chest.

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Curling up in bed might feel cosy, but this position blocks your airways and leads to snoring.

The best way to avoid this is to sleep on your side, according to the pro it's the most effective way to stop the snores.

What you do during the day can make a huge difference to how you sleep too.

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The sleep expert says that staying active during the day can make all the difference.

"Shedding a couple of pounds through exercise can strengthen your neck muscles to prevent snoring."

When was the last time you changed your bedding?

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The sleep pro says that everyone should wash their sheets regularly to get rid of nasty allergens.

She suggests once a week, and don't forget about your pet's blankets and beds.

If you want to go the extra step, invest in a baby gate to keep your fluffy friends out of the bedroom.

"Pets carry flakes of skin in their fur or hair (dander) which can worsen respiratory problems," the pro says.

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