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THE afternoon delight sex position might be the new favourite position for you and your partner.

It requires a lower effort level, allowing you both to stay in this position for a longer period of time. 

What is the afternoon delight sex position?

The afternoon delight sex position is when the giver lies in a sideways position whilst the receiving partner swings their hips over the hips of the giving partner.

Their back will be flat on the ground.

It looks like the couple are forming a cross 

The position is performed lying down and doesn’t require huge amounts of energy. 


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It’s also adaptable and can be used to perform anal penetration as well as vaginal penetration.

How to do the afternoon delight sex position

The giving partner will lie on their side, whilst the receiving partner has their legs over the giving partner's hips.

This will allow the giving partner to penetrate the receiving partner. 

The receiving partner can lie back and enjoy the show whilst the giver can smoothly enter and take their time to build up the pace. 

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It also allows each partner to hold eye contact and create a more intimate experience. 

This sex position can be described as smooth and fulfilling. 

Is it safe to do the afternoon delight sex position?

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, the afternoon delight sex position is perfectly safe.

It’s a great, relaxing position that will allow a nice level of intimacy for you and your partner. 

But if the afternoon delight position isn’t working for you then there’s plenty more to try.

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