What you see first in optical illusion reveals if you’re romantic or a loner

ARE you a friendly person with a strong romantic streak, or a tactful introvert who takes time away in nature?

What you see first in an optical illusion can reportedly reveal which of those two personality types you're more likely to have.

Internet users left thousands of comments on the video clip that featured the tricky visual personality test.

The YouTube channel Bright Side shares brainteasers, puzzles, fun facts, and quizzes, and included the optical illusion in a recent video.

A narrator explained that most people either saw a pair of faces in silhouette or the stark outline of a tree when they first looked at the picture.

"If the first thing you paid attention to was a couple looking at each other, then you're a romantic at heart," the narrator explained.


Optical illusion probes genius & madness – can you spot the hidden message?

"You really value the people in your life. Love and understanding mean a lot to you.

"Not to mention, you have a positive and friendly personality," he continued.

If you saw the faces, you probably also have strong reasoning abilities that can calm down your friends when they're nervous or agitated.

On the other hand, if you saw more natural elements in the image, you probably value solitude.

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"If your attention was instantly drawn to a tree, you're the type who occasionally needs to be on their own," the narrator said.

"You love nature and solitude but don't mind spending time with your loved ones as well."

But just because you like solitude doesn't mean you're callous.

"You're a tactful person who avoids hurting others' feelings by all means," the narrator added.

Commenters were quick to agree with the traits revealed by what they saw.

"That sounds about right," one viewer wrote. They had seen the tree first thing.

"Love doesn't come to me so easily, so they do know me well," said another person who spotted the tree right away. "I prefer to work and be alone sometimes, but I do want my time to spend with my friends and family."

Some commenters said they saw both images right away, and were proud to flex their mental muscles in the comments.

"My brain the moment the image comes on the screen is just like: there's two things happening here," one person wrote.

Another commenter theorized that seeing two pictures might be reflective of a whole host of broader talents.

"Other kinds of people who see both images at the same time like myself. I’m also ambidextrous," they added.

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